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Party Planned For Castro's Death

The USA Today article entitled "Miami planning party for when Castro dies" did not supply enough information and contains a lot of holes. The cost of the party, which musicians would play, and where it would be held were made to be the central elements of the article. The only two interviews included were by the City Commissioner and the leader of the Miami-based Democracy Movement Organization. There was no "man-the-street" testimony and it felt very shallow and devoid of any emotion to omit that, especially when dealing with the death of a human being, even if he was a dictaor. Even Saddam Hussein's death was covered from different view points. What about the people that will mourn Castro's loss? They should have interviewed the older generation that actually remembers living under Castro's rule in Cuba. It would be challenging to cover all the complex background history of Cuban Americans and their feelings on Castro but this article didn't even make an attempt.