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3 Killings in St. Paul

The Star Tribune did a piece on the recent shooting of two adults and one teen in St. Paul. The use of irony in the lead was very attention-grabbing. It mentioned a quote made by the teen who had written a piece for her highschool paper recently saying that "Nobody is safe" in regards to rapists at large in St. Paul. In the next paragraph it said she was shot dead in her home. The use of quotes, however, was weak. The surviving 10-year-old daughter was quoted too many times and I wouldn't think of a child's account as very credible. They also quoted a friend of the family who said that the surviving children "are traumatized." No kidding. A quote by a City Councilmember also did not sound very reassuring: "We’re just scratching our heads about how this could have happened." Two journalists worked on this piece, you would think two heads would be better than one. Apparently not in this case.


Strong words. I appreciate the variety of stories you cover on your blog. Don't forget the idea was to compare how two publications cover the same event. (More to the point, how two reporters handle the challenges, etc., etc.) For the future.

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