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Afghan Ambush

The Washington Post did an article on marines opening fire after an ambush which left eight Afghan civilians dead. In the lead it said that "marines traveling in a convoy were hit by a car bomb and responded by firing in a way that some witnesses called reckless." It fails to mention who the witnesses were and it's not a very valid statement because it is more opinion than fact and should not be in the story. There was a picture with the following caption: "A weeping man in eastern Afghanistan shouts anti-American slogans after violence that followed a bomb attack on a U.S. convoy. Protesters blocked a main road." This picture makes the man out to look like the aggressor rather than the victim in the situation--they also did not mention (in the caption) the retalliation the marines took and ended up killing eight civilians.


Hello Guru, what entice you to post an article. This article was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Thursday.