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Benefits for Gays

The Star Tribune did a story on a bill that would let cities and counties offer health insurance to their employees' same-sex partners. Another bill would allow for hospital visits and the right to make medical decisions for the other partner. The gay-marriage debate has somewhat quieted down for now but something like this may be working to grant marrital benefits. I think it would be interesting to do a more in-depth story exploring what other states have done regarding similar bills and how they have worked out. Some facts on Minnesota's policies could also be included as well as interviews with students from the gay and lesbian student organization at the U of M. Their testimony is important because, by the time they graduate, more opportunities/rights/benefits will be available to them.
Possible resources:
Aisling Coghlan, Interim Executive Director of Basic Rights Oregon (interim@basicrights.org)--Liberal
Jere Keys, Communications Manager of Out and Equal (California) (jkeys@outandequal.org)--Liberal
Joe Glover, Family Policy Network President (D.C) ((202) 470-5095)--Conservative


Another super-topical one. It seems you have sharp news judgment. Like with the YouTube story idea, this one surely has hig interest value, but again you need to identify a local peg. You are free to throw in the national overview, but to justify to a local editor that he or she can take a reporter away from other pressing local issues, you need to articulate a local angle. It can be just a question or what you would look into. I have given you credit for this, but please go back into the entry and add a sentence indicating how you would explore a local element. Thanks.

I really appreciate this post. Iˇ¦ve been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You have made my day! Thanks again