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Cricket Coach Dead

"When Cricket Turns to Murder in Sunny Jamaica" (NY Times) reported on the death of Pakistan's cricket coach Bob Woolmer. The clip on the website above the story headline was this:"After a stunning World Cup loss, Pakistan’s coach planned to “sleep on it.? By the next morning, he was dead." This hooked me and I started reading, but in the actual story the author used a burried lead which I didn't think worked well for the piece. It took the author three paragraphs before even mentioning that a body was found on the bathroom floor of a hotel room. In the fourth paragraph he finally mentioned who the victim was. I felt that it took too long to get to the point. Then the author speculated on how the murder may have been linked to gambling within the game. It didn't seem there was enough evidence pointing to this analysis and I think the author overstepped his boundaries as a reporter.


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