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You Tube in the 2008 Presidential Election

Youtube.com has gained plenty of notoriety in the past elections and is bound to have an even bigger impact on the 2008 presidential election. If Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama run for president, many people not ready for that kind of change will be searching for and posting many incriminating videos on youtube. Politics in the internet age should be explored further. It would be interesting to analyze what may happen in the coming year and if any censorship will be imposed on what is realeased to the masses. A paragraph recapping how YouTube affected political candidates like Michelle Bachman and other Minnesota candidates this past year could be included.
Possible Sources:
Students for Barack Obama- (they have a website with youtube videos and also use Facebook to campaign)
Meredith Segal (Executive Director) info@studentsforbarackobama.com
John Rash- U of M professor and Director of Broadcast Relations for Campbell Mithun (rashx001@umn.edu or 612- 625-7316)
I think informal sources should also be used like blogs talking about the future of Youtube


Hot topic, and I gave you credit for it, but what's the Minnesota angle? You're writing this story idea as a memo to the editor of a Twin Cities daily, trying to persuade her or him that he needs YOU to spare time for this. "Why shouldn't I just wait to pick up a national story from the wire?" the editor may ask. Please add a sentence at least alluding to how you would try to make a Minnesota-specific section of the story.