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Agenda for Minneapolis City Council

I went to the Minnesota government website to get the agenda for a City Council meeting on April 17th. It was difficult to find a published full-length agenda packet. I mostly found agendas that were published from past meetings or minutes. Very few elaborated on what would be discussed in the actual meeting. After doing general searches I just went straight to the Minnesota government website and found the Community Development Committee Agenda. This agenda packet was the most organized one that I found. The categories it listed were: Public Hearings, Joint Public Hearing With Mpls. Community Development Agency Operating Committee, Conset Items, Discussion Items, and Recieve and File Items. Under each category was a detailed description of what would be discussed. This meeting will mostly concern neighborhood revitalization and housing initiatives. There were also staff report links which provided further information on the topics.


Interesting. Thanks for your effort and for the account. So the 'Net is easier than in person. Our speaker on Monday, Dave Aeikens, will make the point that most of government's info is still not online.