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Displacement of a cultural asset

The Strib did a piece similar to our last diversity lab. It talked about how the Somali Cultural Center/Mosque is going to be bulldozed in order to make space for a parking lot. There was good color but wasn't as rich in detail. It did a good job of showing what a loss this will be to the community. A proposed apartment complex is going in the space but the article didn't mention what group of people these apartments will be geared to--Somalis?
The article did go off on a tangent about past land disputes in the same spot. This part didn't fit because the main newsworthy and interesting part about this piece was not the bulldozing of a building but of a cultural asset.


Interesting news event. Where is the center located? Did the article address whether the current users of the property are being compensated and whether they'll relocate, nearby? You didn't provide the link so we can't see for ourselves.

This posting is fine, but remember that the news-comparison blog postings are supposed to compare how two publications handled the challenge of reporting the same news event; or, if you can't find a second publication that covered the same event, how they handled a similar event or issue