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France's New President

The New York Times' use of numbers did a good job of showing what a close win France's new president Nicolas Sarkozy made over his competitor Segolene Royal. They also effectively gave background details, like how long the French presidential term is, what his responsibilities are, and when he will take over, without ruining the flow of the story. The author of the piece did a good job of predicting future outcomes of Sarkozy's presidency by talking about all the riots that took place by different groups after he was voted in. It seems France is being divided between the rich and the old, and the poor and the young because of this newly-elected conservative. To make this story more applicable to the U.S, they mentioned how Sarkozy is more pro-American than other French presidents have been.
The Star Tribune had a little blurb about the election and it seemed to favor Sarkozy, saying he was polite and didn't rise to Socialist Segolene Royal's baiting.