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Spelling bee whiz in U.S. motel room, parents in Bihar Village

The New York Times and the Indian Express published articles about a 13-year-old spelling whiz who lives in Utah, and whose parents were sent back to India after being denied political asylum. The Times' lead was a bit misleading though:"Great spellers come in all types, from egotistical showoffs to loners who find sanctuary in the forest of words." The fact that the kid was using his national spelling fame in efforts to draw attention to his parents' case was present in the story, but it wasn't important enough to start out with this in the lead. They went into detail about the legal situation and background of the parents. They also talked about the racial and anti-immigrant descrimination the family faced in the small Utah town. This was a very well-rounded and touching story and hopefully it will help bring the family back together. This is what journalism is all about. It's too bad no other paper decided to take up this or a similar story.