New Catastrophic Fire Alert urges Australians to Flee

     Residents in parts of South Australia have been asked to evacuate their homes as a heat wave forced authorities to issue its first 'catastrophic' fire warning on Tuesday, CNN reported.

            Residents living in the Eastern Eyre Peninsula and West Coast districts were asked to evacuate and people living in Flinders, North West Pastoral and the Lower Eyre Peninsula are under 'extreme' watch according to CNN.

            BBC news reported that this new level of warning was created in order to better alert residents after wild fires killed 173 people, and destroyed 2,000 homes in the State of Victoria earlier this year.

            "In the next couple of days we are going to see high temperatures, very low humidity and very strong winds," said fire service chief Euan Ferguson.

            With the severe drought in the southern region and temperatures rising to an intense 104 F this weekend, conditions will be perfect for fires to ignite, according to CNN.

            This first 'catastrophic' fire warning can only urge people to leave, they cannot be forced to evacuate, BBC reported.

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