Safe Santas

The Star Tribune's health section offered an important yet entertaining feature by Bill Ward in their last Sunday paper. The story is about how mall Santas are taking matters into their own hands and doing everything they can to prevent the spread of the flu this holiday season.


The problem is 'Santas' are not worthy of early H1N1 vaccinations, therefore they are counting on other methods to keep them and children safe.


According to Ward, "Santas are counting on hand sanitizers and the kindness of strangers to keep their sick children at home." 


Kris Kingles across the United States have been communicating for months about dealing with this pandemic, Ward noted.


"I'm bringing multiple gloves and a quart jar of hand sanitizer to every event," said Santa Tom to Ward. "Whenever I handle a baby, I take the gloves off and Purell my hands."


I think this feature is an informative story because Ward is reminding people to be safe during the holiday season and telling them what they can do to say sick free. He even informs us of who is eligible for the vaccination.


I think Ward does a really good job writing this feature. The topic remains serious but by taking a new approach on it with Santa, it makes for an enjoyable read.

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