What is it about Palin?

Lisa Belkin is able to make her opinion clear with her feature on the public's, or more specifically, on women's obsession with Sarah Palin in the latest issue of The New York Times.  Belkin explains why women strongly dislike Palin.

Palin was selected to boost McCain's support among women, but in reality it did just the opposite. Dissimilar to what one would think, women are the least supportive of Palin's political career.  

According to Belkin, her looks are about all she has going for herself. There was a moment that women were intrigued by Palin but now, embarrassed, women across America feel that supporting her was in fact a step backward in the feminist movement.

I would consider this feature to be a trend story. Rather than writing specifically about Palin like a profile would, Belkin writes about the women who surround her and the trend of feelings they all share.

I think that Belkin does a good job with this feature. She approached this story in a different angle than other writers have, revealing how women have been affected by her decisions.

Belkin uses an excellent metaphor that associates the situation with life in high school. Today, there are the educated and ambitious women.  In high school these would be the members of the debate team. Then there are others like Palin, who are the head cheerleader, pretty and popular, but have no interest in studying and just assume they could 'breeze in' to anything.

What I did not like about this article actually has nothing to do with the writer or content. I am rather disappointed that the New York Times did not offer a blog or space to make comments about this feature. I would be interested in others opinions.


The first thing that stands out to me is the length of this blog. It is rather long for a blog that is summarizing a feature. You give lots of personal opinion which is always good when critique other peoples writing.

I would like to see some quotes pulled from the feature itself to support your summary. The summary of the feature is too long for my preference. Make it short and to the main point of the feature. Overall I like this blog, pretty solid.

I really enjoyed reading another person's take on this article. In Lisa Belkin's article, what jumped out at me the most was her style of writing. Her comparison of life to high school made the subject matter more interesting. This article stands out in a sea of media coverage on Sarah Palin because of the way it zeroes in on an aspect of the situation that many people probably have not considered. Belkin does a great job of getting to the root of why it is women of all people that dislike Palin the most. I felt that some parts of the metaphor were a bit of a stretch but for the most part the article draws attention to an interesting phenomenon.

Janey, I think that you picked up on a lot of the same points in the article that stood out to me as well. I agree in labeling this story as a trend piece rather than a profile because of the way it focuses on a specific trend surrounding a figure rather than the figure itself. Also, great suggestion about how the New York Times should have offered space to comment on this particular article! I felt like a you did a great job getting to the "heart" of this article, but a little more commentary would have been nice. Good job!

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