Scotland Welcomes Two Giant Pandas

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Giant pandas are rare creatures indeed, especially in the United Kingdom. It has been nearly 20 years since one has been held in captivity.
That changed on Dec. 4, when the Edinburgh Zoo in Scotland welcomed two giant pandas to their new home for the next ten years, BBC News reported. They were exported from China Saturday night.
"Pandas are a national treasure," Qin Gang of the Chinese government said. "And the friendship brought by pandas knows no borders."
It took nearly 5 years of negotiations between the Scottish and Chinese governments to bring Tian Tian and Yang Guang, or Sweetie and Sunshine, to the United Kingdom. China's panda diplomacy standards are strict to say the least, as these two pandas are the first to be loaned to Britain in 17 years.
Representatives at the Edinburgh Zoo are hoping that Sweetie and Sunshine will breed. "They haven't bred together, but they have bred separately," Edinburgh Zoo Chief Executive Hugh Roberts said. "So that gives us a lot of hope."

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