Tim's Cities - Tebow Brings Faith to Minnesota

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Although the Vikings season has been decided for some time, the fate of the Denver Broncos season is still very much in limbo. A place they wouldn't be if not for the outbreak of "Tebowmania."
After each victory, Broncos Quarterback and devout Christian Tim Tebow thanks God for blessing him and his teammates. For Tebow fans, his winnings ways only reaffirms their devotion to him.
"I think the reaction in Denver is that if the Broncos can continue to win like this, any of us would be happy to personally hold a Bible study every week," said Katelynn McBride, a Broncos fan and native Coloradoan living in Minneapolis.
After beginning the season 1-4, the Denver Broncos inserted Tebow into the starting lineup, and have since gone 5-1, placing them in the thick the AFC playoff chase. Although he isn't considered a prototypical NFL quarterback, his record is all that matters.
"Is he good for the league? Absolutely," said Greg Coleman of the Vikings Radio Network. "He's even better for the Denver Broncos."

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