Sandusky Shocks, Waives Preliminary Hearing

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The courtroom stood silent, shocked from defendant Jerry Sandusky waiving his right to a preliminary hearing, leading to a media frenzy and an soon-to-be infamous trial.
50 counts of child sexual abuse on 10 different boys are the allegations surrounding Sandusky, stemming from his days as defensive coordinator at Penn State University. The legal team prosecuting Sandusky find this announcement to be a minor setback, according to the Chicago Tribune.
"We're not disappointed over something like this," said E. Marc Costanzo, a senior Pennsylvania state deputy attorney general. "We're ready to proceed. He's the one giving up rights. We're not giving up anything."
At a press conference shortly after the announcement, Sandusky's lawyer, Joe Amendola, insisted that the prosecution would have benefited from a preliminary hearing. Sandusky would have no chance to discredit any of the witnesses' testimonies, leading to a "one-sided" argument, according to Amendola.
"That would have left us with the worst of all worlds," Amendola said.

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