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2012 London Olympics Important for Local Businesses

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A multitude of cranes lay across the East London skyline, busily assembling industrial pieces into what will be state-of-the-art Olympic stadiums for the 2012 games.
London is hoping that next year's Olympic Games will drive up the economy, inviting a wealth of tourists to local hotels and pubs across the city. In the case of Queen's Head, once a popular pub for locals but on the verge of closure, the Games cannot come soon enough.
"You can't just build your business around the Games," Queen's Head landlord Bill Sinefield told Time Magazine. "But we are certainly in need of the boost. Times are pretty tough at the moment."
Drink specials and live music were introduced by Sinefield, yet the worn down pub still struggled to bring in regular customers. These hard times have fallen on many local London businesses, so next summer's Olympics could prove to be make-or-break time.
"The Games is a great opportunity for us," Sinefield added. "But we need to use it as the catalyst for long-term success."

Danielle Mitterrand Dies at 87

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Danielle Mitterrand, the widow of late French President Francois Mitterrand and avid human rights activist, died Nov. 22, according the BBC News. She was 87.
Despite of her declining health, Mitterrand remained in the public eye as the founder of "France Libertes," a foundation which campaigns for international social justice.
"After a certain age, people go to sleep," Mitterrand said in a personal message posted on France Libertes' website. "As for me, I have no intention of dying by inches."
She was born Danielle Gouze in Verdun, France on Oct. 29, 1924. She and her husband Francois were at the top of the French political establishment from 1981 to 1995.
Mitterrand is survived by her sons, Jean-Christophe and Gilbert. A publically-held funeral took place on Nov. 26 in Cluny, France.

Forlan Returns, Inter Beats Genoa 1-0

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Italian soccer club Inter Milan has had a disappointing season up to this point, but with a 1-0 victory at Genoa, the club has finally moved into the top half of the Serie A table, according to
Inter striker and Japanese international Yuto Nagatomo headed in the eventual game-winning goal in the 67th minute, the only goal of the match. Although Inter has four wins in their last five matches, they still remain 10 points behind Juventus and Udinese for the Serie A division lead.
"It was a good game against a team which was very defensive," Inter head coach Claudio Ranieri said. "[Genoa] had its first shot after 80 minutes and then tried everything in the closing stages. It's a little step but it's a good one."
On top of the victory, superstar Diego Forlan returned to action after injuring his leg in a World Cup qualifying match against Paraguay two months ago. Forlan came off the bench with 10 minutes left in full time.
"We'll have Forlan back properly soon," Ranieri said. "And he has a lot of class too."

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