Assignment #4

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The Gelosi troupe's incorporation of women could be signaled as the beginning of women empowerment continuing into today. The 4 main points that we discussed were: the method in how women were incorporated, history of the Gelosi troupe, the social norms of how women were treated during the time, and the lasting effects of women's inclusion onto the stage.

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Your argument is a bit too broad at the moment. What does "women empowerment" mean? How did an Italian theatre company contribute to a sense of female empowerment in the contemporary United States? In other words, what was the line of transmission from 16th-century Italy to today?

I think you could strengthen this argument by elaborating more on those four main points and then composing a statement that presents a more refined version of your current claim. Basically, you want to make sure you cover these questions: What's the big deal with women on stage at the time (So What)? What were they doing that was so radical? Where are you getting your information?

Grade: 80%

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