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The research process has been a tedious one. I am having a lot of trouble finding information on the Gelosi troupe. In my first source, A History of Commedia Dell'ARte I found ueful information about the role that the Gelosi Troupe played in theatre and the challenges it posed on mix gender plays. However, I am trying to find specfic women who were part of the Gelosi Troupe and somewhat activists for female actors and female roles at the time. This has been my biggets challenge in the research process. Both of my sources gave me a better understanding of Troupes in Commedia dell' ARte but neither have provided with a biography of sorts about any specific troupe member. I am going to further my research for what I am looking for and hopefully what I am looking for will show up. Other than that, my groups research is teaching me a lot and I am enjoying this assignment!
-Brooke Bowman

This last week of getting our research together and creating our power point presentation has been a hectic one. Our group has met up and we have a very clear direction we want to take our presentation in. Our presentation will somewhat be all about the empowerment of women, or at least everything we talk about will lead up to our argument that women are where they are in theatre today because of the Gelosi Troupe. I have been delegated the conclusion and "so what" slide which I am looking forward to. I think that this will help sum up all of our presentation as a whole and reiterate our points in a clear and concise way that leaves the audience with something. I learned through my research that renowned playwrights were influenced by the Gelosi Troupe like William Shakespeare and Moliere. William Shakespeare was inspired to write his famous comedy Much Ado About Nothing because of the Gelosi Troupes style. He also created the strong and bold female character Beatrice that goes against the social norms of the time to make a statement about women, just as the Gelosi did. Also, Moliere was inspired to create some of his works based off of the stock characters from Commedia dell' Arte and the comedic style. Because these two renowned playwrights took up what the Gelosi Troupe and Commedi dell' Arrte started, the effects are still alive today. *Here is something that I will definitely be touching on in the final presentation to argue our main point-that there are long lasting effects of the empowerment of women from Commedia dell' Arte's efforts.


The final presentation went smoothly. Our entire group worked together to create the presentation and helped each other out during the actual presentation. I am very proud of our work as a whole and felt that each of us contributed equally. One thing that I wish would have gone differently was the videos that Katie had. She showed us the videos before hand and they definitely would have aided the presentation. However, I still think just the images and her explanation of the archetypes they represented was good for the presentation. On a personal level, I wish I could have had more time to really dig into why the Gelosi Troupe are responsible for the success of women in the theatre today-but we ran out of time-which is fine and I was still able to squeeze in our final statement/thought/argument. One thing that I really enjoyed with this project was the researching of a style of theatre that I had no clue about. Commedia dell' Arte is a genre of theatre that I did not have much knowledge on so learning about something so foreign was enjoyable and beneficial. With this entire process I wish that the communication between student and teacher would have been more clear. I found that myself and many others were unclear about how the blog entires worked and what days the entries were due, etc. Just a small critique. Other than that, I enjoyed this project and felt that my group worked really well together and created a clear and concise presentation.
In terms of the post-presentation discussion we had after ward, I would say that I learned that audience interaction and keeping the audience engaged were big factors in the success of getting your argument through. I would say that one thing we did well was leave the audience with one specific thing to take away from our presentation. And one thing we could have done better was involving the audience in our presentation more.


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Perhaps you're recognizing a difficult truth about the history process: certain people have been removed from sight. I think the problem of not being able to locate specific women in history is part of that larger historical dilemma. I'm interested to know how you think that happens. Can you connect this particular difficulty to the larger themes of our class?

To create more nuanced journal entries in the future, focus on a sentence or an idea or a picture from one of your sources. Talk about how that idea is helpful to you, or talk about the problems it creates.

Grade: 83%

Regarding your most recent blog entry about the lead-up to your final presentation:
For your final entry, Brooke, I'd like to see you engage with thoroughly with some of the ideas that were brought up in the post-presentation debrief at the end of class. I think you're doing a good job wrestling the difficulties of research. Your comments are most insightful when you ground them in a particular source or idea. Try not to spiral off into general comments. Instead, grapple with the material you have just read, the questions that came up through the doing of the presentation, and/or the ways in which you'd continue to pursue your research if there was more time.

Grade for this blog: 85%

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