City gets $500K to Rethink Urban Education

St. Paul and the Wilder Foundation received a $500,000 federal grant on Tuesday to help install a plan that provides educational, social, medical and municipal services for Ramsey County.
The U.S. Education Department awarded the grant in hopes of a "Promise Neighborhood" plan that embraces the "cradle-to-career" method, which helps kids become successful while also reducing racial and cultural achievement reported The Pioneer Press.

"This year is a planning year, and it starts with us listening to the community," Hamilton Bell said Tuesday.

The Star Tribune reported that the city, school district, Ramsey County, and numerous nonprofits and foundations have come together in order to strategize plans for the 250-block section of the city.

Letters of recommendations for the grant, written by U.S. Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken, commended the decision.

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