Iowa Egg Farm Admits to Bad Conditions

WASHINGTON--- Two leading Iowa egg farms have admitted to the conditions at their farms this past Wednesday that may have lead to this summer's Salmonella outbreak.

"We were horrified to learn that our eggs may have made people sick," said Austin "Jack" DeCoster, owner of Wright County Egg. Due to positive results on the bacterium Salmonella enteritidis, the strain responsible for the outbreak, DeCoster recalled a half-billion of his eggs last August reported The New York Times.

The Chicago Tribune said further investigations showed that DeCoster had received hundreds of positive results for salmonella in the past two years, including 73 samples that were potentially positive for Salmonella enteritidis

The Food and Drug Administration also found that the barns of the egg producers were infested with flies, maggots and rodents, and had overflowing manure pits.

"We apologize to every one who may have been sickened by eating our eggs," Decoster said, "I pray several times each day for all of them and for their improved health."

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