Missing Shoreview Man Claims he was Kidnapped

Missing Shoreview man, 29, claims he was kidnapped in cell phone call to wife
'These guys took me,' he tells his wife

Pioneer Press said, "The Ramsey County Sheriff's Office is working with the Chicago police to find Anderson, who was last seen at 1:30 p.m. Friday at the Rosewood Village Condominiums in Roseville, where he is a maintenance man."

Authorities are trying to sort out exactly when the text message was sent, Altendorfer said. Anderson's disappearance under suspicious circumstances has been entered into a national computer database of missing people, he added.

The Star Tribune reported, "Sunday morning, Amber Anderson said the passage of two days since Matthew's disappearance had brought no clearer idea of what happened or why."
"I know he was kidnapped because he called me and told me he was kidnapped," she said. "I'm going with what he told me."

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