Rescue Operation of 33 Chilean Miners Begins

SAN JOSÉ MINE, Chile -- The rescue operation of 33 Chilean miners trapped below is underway government officials said Tuesday.

Officials also said that the operation could begin as early as 6 p.m. local time, which is early than previously estimated.

"We're going to toast him with champagne, and feed him a bit of roasted chicken." said the aunt of one of the miners.

"We hope to finish today, Tuesday," said Laurence Golborne, the country's mining minister, "We are really working as fast as possible to get these miners out."

The New York Times reported that a drill broke through to the miners, making way for a shaft which miners will be raised one by one on Saturday. The miners will go up 2,041 feet up to the surface, which will take about an hour round trip said Rene Aguilar, deputy rescue coordinator.

Each miner has been promised at least six months of psychological support, not only for the incident, but to deal with the sudden fame these miners will receive said USA Today.

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