Twin-Catastrophe in Indonesia

MENTAWAI ISLANDS, Indonesia --- Rough weather and difficult terrain have made it a struggle for Indonesian rescue workers to reach victims on Thursday as the death toll continues to rise.

The twin catastrophe took place Monday after a 7.7 underwater quake sent a 10-foot-tall tsunami crashing onto land reported The New York Times.

Officials have raised the toll to 343 confirmed dead while 338 remain missing and 16,000 have been displaced.

The USA Today reported that the President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was to meet Thursday with survivors of the catastrophe.

A multimillion-dollar warning system was installed after a monster 2004 quake, but officials say it broke down one month ago because of its improper maintenance.
The area has most residents evacuated, but it is unclear whether there will be another major blast to come.

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