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Cats Secret Tongue Technique Revealed:

The Cat Story that I actually reported on used numbers because it was a research project that actually used the laws of physics and technology to see how cats lapped up water so fast. The reporter did say that, "The engineers worked out a formula: the lapping frequency should be the weight of the cat species, raised to the power of minus one-sixth and multiplied by 4.6." So, instead of using numerical values, they actually did "raised to the power of minus one-sixth" and instead of using a lot of numbers they tried to make the story more "reader friendly" even if it was issuing a story on research values of what was just found. The numbers are not overwhelming, and the reporter did a good job by making it 'user-friendly' especially for those who are not science saavy. The sources are from the researchers at Princeton, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Virginia Polytechnic Institute. The sources are listed completely as well, and they tell the reader how the researchers approached the experiment. A complete story was published in and issue of Science, so I bet that there are even more numbers in that story.

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