Analysis: Obituary

Edwin Brown, helped found Edina church.

I did the analysis on a man named Edwin Brown, a longtime dentist in Edina who started the Lutheran Church in Edina.
I found it in The Star Tribune, and looking at the lead it did not have the standard "New York Times" format, rather, it started with a notable act that Edwin Brown did before his death, implying that he was a man who cared about others and impacted others by doing kind deeds. The second paragraph again did not say cause of death, rather had a quote by Brown's daughter.
In fact, the cause of death was not mentioned until the fourth paragraph. The source that was used was only his daughter, Nancy Johnson although he was survived by all four of his daughters as well as seven grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.
The lead for this story does work because it emphasizes how kind of a man Brown was and the types of acts he did that showed he was a giving man.
The obituary differs from a resume because it is a story which flows together much nicer than a resume, but rather, tells a touching, more dramatic story of what happened throughout someone's life. It takes the important aspects of one's life and incorporates a lot of family history and focuses on the positives of how the person touched other people's lives versus solely focusing on the personal rewards the person received.

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