Increase in water bills in Minneapolis area

Less water equals higher water bills? St. Paul Regional Water Services have proposed a 5.5% rate increase for next year.

With the proposed increase and planned conservation around the Twin Cities, the average family will pay nearly $10.56 reported the Pioneer Press.

The St. Paul Regional Water Services has brought the increase to provide conservation around the Twin Cities area by also replacing all 94,000 commercial and residential water meters in the city and the eight surrounding suburbs reported The Star Tribune.

The push for conservation has support from the community, the increase in bills is not.

"We just want everyone to understand that we're not expanding our customer base like a power company. We have costs, and we have to meet them." Executive water Director Steve Schneider said.

Minneapolis officials say that for those who use 5 percent less water next year will not see their bills go up a dime, but many argue that those who live in the city will have a harder time to conserve water.

The St. Paul City Council is set to hold a public hearing Wednesday.

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