Favre says, "I'm done. I'm done."

The repeated quote of "I'm done. I'm done," said by Brett Favre this Wednesday is still leaving fans and reporters on edge.

He also said those words when he retired during the 2007 and '08 seasons.

Favre holds every major passing record in NFL history. Yet, on his path to finishing his 20th season, he has already thrown 25 interceptions and 15 touchdowns --- his 71.0 passer rating is 30th out of the 33 quarterbacks that are listed reported The Star Tribune.

"I don't feel like I did when I was 25. I don't feel a whole lot different from last year, but every year, as you could imagine, gets tougher and tougher. Recovery time is a lot longer. At some point you've got to give your body a break."

The Pioneer Press reported that Favre said he has no interest in coaching in the nor did he sound interested in becoming a sports analyst.

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