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Westboro Picketers at Elizabeth Edward's Funeral

The controversial Westboro Baptist Church has done it again---they picked a fight with the wrong funeral.

Outnumbered by a "human buffer" of people who sang Christmas carols and carried signs supporting Elizabeth Edwards at her funeral in Raleigh, N.C. on Saturday, Westboro was defeated.

The Christian Science Monitor reports that Westboro is an unaffiliated church in Kansas whose congregation consists of the Rev. Fred Phelps and his family members and their harsh views on homosexuality.

In a previous interview, Edwards said she was "completely fine with gay marriage", the catalyst to the picketers.

The service at the United Methodist Church was attended by nearly 2,000 people reported The Boston Herald.

Police know where WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is camping about in Britain but have not given him an international arrest warrant, a British newspaper reported Thursday.

WikiLeaks, the organization who released nearly 250,000 secret U.S. diplomatic wires, which could lead to damage in diplomatic relations around the world reported The Christian Science Monitor.

A British newspaper reported that police have not authorized Assange's arrest because officials are still seeking "clarification" about his Swedish arrest warrant.

The Washington Post reported that Assange is considering asking for asylum in Switzerland, but for a country keeping secrets, it seems an unlikely solution.

The release has been called "an attack on the international community." said U.S
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The next big project for WikiLeaks is to reveal the confidential documents of a major bank, believed to be Bank of America.

Longoria and Parker Divorce Confirmed

The rumors about the divorce between Eva Longoria and Tony Parker were confirmed on Tuesday.

USA Today reported that the actress filed divorce papers under irreconcilable differences in the Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday.

Longoria posted on her twitter:

"It is with great sadness that after 7 years together, Tony and I have decided to divorce.

We love each other deeply and pray for each other's happiness."

The New York Daily News reported that the divorce may have been stemmed from an affair Tony Parker was having with one of his teammates wife.

Longoria, 35, and NBA star Parker, 27, were engaged in November 2006, and wed in two ceremonies in Paris on July 7, 2007.

Cat's Secret Tongue Technique Revealed

Recent studies show the unique process that sets apart dogs from cats: their lapping method.

The New York Times reported that Pedro M. Reis and Roman Stocker of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, along with Sunghwan Jung of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and Jeffrey M. Aristoff of Princeton used high-speed photography to capture the "feline solution."

CNN reports that in the Thursday issue of Science, the researchers said that the cat darts its tongue, curving the upper side downward so that the tip lightly touches the surface of the water.

The tongue is then pulled upward at a high speed, which draws a column of water behind it.

"This suggests that cats are smarter than many people think, at least when it comes to hydrodynamics," writes co-author Jeffrey M. Aristoff of Princeton.

No Happy Meal for you!

While the gubernatorial races are going on, another important vote is going on by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, the issue of the Happy Meal.

The bill passed 8 to 3 on Tuesday where Supervisor Eric Mar, a man who saw how many giveaway toys his daughter had that consisted of Happy Meal gadgets, imagined a bill
that could bring an end to the fatty fast food reported The New York Times.

Mayor Gavin Newsom is expected to veto the measure. If this bill passes and goes into effect in December 2011, according to The Wall Street Journal, San Francisco would become the first city to pass a law intended to control childhood obesity.

With the new bill, any meals will have to follow the fewer than 600 calories, fewer than 640 milligrams of sodium and less than 35 percent of calories from fat.

If restaurants do not comply, it only means no toys for consumes.

College Costs on the Rise

With the tough U.S. economy, students and their families got little relief from college costs, with the prices of tuition on the continuous rise reported College Board on Thursday.

Although tuition is increasing, increases in federal grant aid have helped to supplement the raise in tuition said Business Week.

On estimate, at the average in-state public university a student should expect to pay $16,140 per year with room and board.

Room and board for in-state students at a public university grew over 7.9 percent for the 2010-11 academic year reported The New York Times.

Yet, with this increase in tuition, the report found that full-time students receive an average of about $6,100 in grant aid and federal tax benefits at public four-year institutions.

People will have to figure out how to educate students in a more cost-efficient way, but with the help of technology, many believe it can happen.

Deanna to speak to Public about "Sexting" Scandel

After allegations of Brett Favre's "sexting" scandel, Favre's wife is due to appear on "Good Morning America" and "Fox and Friends" on Thursday.

Deanna Favre will be on the morning show to promote her new book, ""The Cure for the Chronic Life: Overcoming the Hopelessness That Holds You Back." reported Fox Sports.

Since Deadspin posted a video montage of alleged voice messages and racy photos that were sent to former New York Jets sideline reporter Jenn Sterger, Favre has not made any television appearances or interviews.

The Star Tribune reflected on Deanna's book which talked about Brett's previous fidelity issues prior to their marriage and his Vicoden addiction.

The future Hall of Famer has refused to comment on the accusations.

Investigation into Fraudulent Foreclosures

Attorneys General announced on Wednesday that an investigation into whether major U.S. banks used faulty or fraudulent documents to foreclose upon homeowners will be examined.

The practices by banks and companies that collect monthly mortgage payments by using people who sign hundreds of affidavits a day will be looked at by the attorneys general reported The New York Times.

The Mortgage Foreclosure Multistate Group will try to impose rules to stop improper foreclosure practices, reviewing of past practices, and establishing potential financial statements.

USA Today reported that banks that are suspending foreclosures or reviewing their foreclosure processes include Wells Fargo, Chase, GMAC, PNC Financial Services and Bank of America.

Up to $6 billion in costs for the foreclosure delays is possible.

Three Madison Students Accumulate $86,000 in Fines

Madison, Wis. --- Three University of Wisconsin-Madison students have been fined with more than $86,000 worth of fines after a house party.

Travis Ludy, Mitchell Klatt, and Kevin Tracy have accumulated over 130 citations and face roughly $28,000 each. They face discipline not only with the law, but with the University as well, reported The Chicago Tribune.

Police say they arrived and saw 200 to 300 students inside the house with plastic cups and that is when they knocked on the door.

When the hosts of the party were not compliant, the police began to count the number of suspected underage drinkers until the hosts finally came out, reported the Pioneer Press.

Authorities say they have been trying to control large house parties because of the other consequences alcohol brings such as sexual assaults, damaged property, and alcohol poisoning.

Ludy hopes to make a deal with the police in order to get their fines reduced.

'Fire Brewster' Becomes New Chant at TCF

'Fire Brewster' is becoming the new chant at the TCF Bank Stadium, when the Gophers lost again against Northern Illinois.
A 34-23 loss for the Gophers against Northern Illinois left fans unnerved and questioning the return of Brewster.

"I'm paid to win football games, and I understand that very clearly," Brewster said.

The Pioneer Press reported that Athletics director Joel Maturi said he wouldn't finalize his decision on Brewter's job until after the season.

As for Brewster's view, The Star Tribune reported that he still believes the executives above him are still with him.

"We're good enough to win football games. And we will," Brewster said. "We're going to beat some teams in the Big Ten that don't expect to be beaten by Minnesota."

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