Claim- Obama seen not wearing wedding ring or watch

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There was a claim on that due to the fact that President Barack Obama was seen at a press conference without his wedding ring and watch that he was supposedly taking part in the month of Ramadan. Ramadan which is the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar is considered the month of fasting and is used to teach participating Muslims the importance of patience.
1. Correlation v. Causation - Just because the President was seen without his wedding band and watch doesn't mean he is celebrating the Islamic month of Ramadan. As the scientific principle states just because two things are correlated doesn't necessarily mean they cause another.
2. Falsifiability - This claim is clearly falsifiable due to the fact that the President of the United States is in fact NOT A MUSLIM. That alone is enough to disapprove this very false claim. He also made numerous statements during his campaign for presidency about his Christian background, although stating he and his family may not be the most devout, but who hasn't missed a service or two?
3. Occam's Razor - Generally there are two explanations for why President Obama wasn't wearing his wedding ring or watch, the two being: he could possibly have forgotten to put them on or he is indeed participating in Ramadan. Because this scientific thinking principle wants us as psychology students to choose the more simplistic of two, I can't help but go with maybe putting them on just slipped his mind. Also the fact that he is the President of the United States can back up the fact that he most likely would not have been elected if he were in fact a Muslim.
- Using the scientific thinking principle, ruling out rival hypothesis' and along with what his representatives have to say, I can come up with an explanation or theory of my own. His staff defended him for not wearing his wedding band because it was 'out for repairs', which is a perfectly reasonable explanation. But it doesn't explain the whereabouts of the watch. Again going back to what I said about Occam's Razor, one can assume that he simply forgot about his watch that, is it possible that the President of the United States just might have something else on his mind? I think so.

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