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On page 46 of the Redish text, a case study exploring the effectiveness of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services home page. The original webpage was cluttered with oddly designed buttons and confusing logos, discrete and confusing search functions and distracting news headlines like, "Spotlight on west nile virus information." These features don't make the page very user friendly.

Redish was right to say the site failed at establishing a brand, failed at setting a tone and personality, and failed at directing the users effectively towards information. In fact, the original site was hideous looking. The elements that Redish discusses in the text are essentially describing a blueprint for an efficient and effective website. The redesign follows principles Redish outlines such as an easy to find search box, a short mission statement, and easy to follow links. Also, the redesigned page seems to be tailored more towards an "F pattern"

Although the redesign was more effective, I can still see some oddities around the page. Why is the word "Search" both spaced a ways away from and to the right of the search bar? It also might be helpful if I know what all those bullets were for. Are they links, or just giving brief information about the topic? The tone and personality of the site are still a bit awkward feeling to me. What I mean is, I feel like all of that bulleted information could probably still be organized in a less intimidating way.

A home page that suffers from some similar issues is This site has annoyingly placed hyperlinks, confusing logos, odd fonts, and long objectives. I will be looking at this site as a candidate for my redesign project.

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Good comments about the HHS site. Yes, the redesign is better, but I agree with you that there is still some awkwardness to it. It's interesting to note that the design has changed yet again since 2007. (We'll look at that in class). The site you identified is a great example that would work well for this class project. Are you interested in this for the class project?

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