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Gunfire breaks out in New York

Gunfire erupted in the store Waldorf-Astoria hotel during a brazen robbery attempt Saturdayin New York at a lobby jewelry store, wounding a security guard and sending guests diving for cover (Yahoo! News).

The 54-year-old guard, Gregory J. Boyle, was shot in the chest but was expected to survive, and a suspect was arrested on charges including attempted murder and assault.

The black-garbed suspect, identified as Rafael Rabinovich-Ardans, 20, pulled out a gun in the jewelry store and used the weapon to smash two display cases full of expensive rings and necklaces, said a police official.

Boyle, a retired New York Police Department detective, confronted the man. About three gunshots rang out as the two wrestled and fell to the floor, though it wasn't clear who fired, the official said. Both were armed.

One bullet hit Boyle in the left upper chest, the official said.

Another hotel employee then tackled the suspect, the police official said. The suspect's gun went off again as they grappled, but that bullet apparently struck no one. Hotel security staffers arrived and took Rabinovich-Ardans into custody (Yahoo! News).

Boyle was in stable condition late Saturday at Bellevue Hospital, police said.

The suspect was not identified.