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Analysis on records/CAR

I took this story from USA Today titled, “More are employed part time, whether they want to be or not.? Found on this page was what I noticed to be computer assisted reporting through the use of charts, graphs, and other various strategies to further illustrate to the reader the number of unemployed.

In the article it stated, “A record 7.3 million people were working part time in November although they wanted to work full time, up 62% from a year ago and accounting for 5% of the total workforce, the highest proportion in 15 years. They were working less because their hours were cut or the only job they could find was part time, according to the Labor Department.?

There was a poll taken, which data would have had to been entered into some sort of database or spreadsheet to help further declare these findings. The reporter needed to know how to calculate percentages, how to read the data and how to deliver it to the reader, etc.