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Starting over.

The semester is over and phew, let me just say that it was pretty intense, not to mention stressful. However, I survived. Considering my 3101 News Reporting class is over and I am no longer required to blog for this class on hard-news stories, I figured that instead of letting this site “collect dust? (if you will), that I would continue to blog daily. No topic will remain uncovered. And quite frankly, I’ve got a lot to say and a lot to share.

Like that is nothing out of the ordinary...

Wisconsin. Sigh, Wisconsin. A place that I supposedly call “home? yet I continue to come home to nothing but a plate full of pure boredom. With days spent in my Minnesota Gopher sweat pants and grungy sweatshirt (with the hood up, of course, considering I am part gangster; this comes naturally), I find that my time spent here is pretty much slowly, but surely, dwindling down a toilet of wasted obliteration. I have caught up on my trashy, yet guilty pleasure television shows due to the fact that I am Amish at school and go without cable, ate enough of my mother’s food to feed a small country, and have spent countless hours playing Rockband, mastering my technique on the bass. Sadly enough, I am still stuck on the “easy? level. What an eventful break.

However, I have met some wonderful new people since I have been home, all of which have shown me a great time while I have been home. This most definitely breaks up my boredom and forces me to change out of my sweats and sweatshirt. I still bring my gangster, if you know what I mean.

Update: I have an interview this week for my summer internship for a local newspaper, so I am crossing all ten fingers and all nine, I mean, ten, toes in hopes that I land the position. I have some pretty great communication skills and with my personable personality (ha, no need to toot my own horn or anything), I am pretty confident that I will succeed. I will keep you posted on how that goes.

Two weeks left of break, give or take a few days, before I head back to the Cities. 18 credits? Sigh, here I come. However, coming home has made me realize how much I miss the busyness of the large city, but has also given me a chance to clear my head and take some time for relaxation. Sometimes just taking some “alone? time, a few deep breaths and allowing yourself to take the time to connect in your own way can be rejuvenating. Try it. Life’s only as difficult as you make it.

On that note, I am not going to be as philosophical as you probably am thriving for. In fact, taking a philosophy class freshman year with Professor Nou Nou made me realize that I truly despise philosophy.

Off to watch Hannah Montana. Score.