September 19, 2007

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Welcome class

This site is your place to reflect on the experiences, readings and values we explore in the class. Each of you is responsible to produce two reflective posts of reasonable length to this blog site over the course of the semester (two or three paragraphs will not be sufficient). Your entries should take the form of reflections on the topic areas we will cover. As you decide on the theme for your effort remember, you must write your comments from within the perspective of the culture you are exploring. So, if you are writing about the Native American knowledge tradition we experienced and have read about make certain to assume the voice of a person from within the culture. For example, you have heard form Paul Schultz, Earl Hoagland, Bill Paulson, Kathy and David Hoagland and Joe LaGarde as they shared their traditions with the class. Your paper should be written as if you were a member of that community. Use your skills of empathy to imagine yourself within that worldview.

In addition to the two reflective segments you will contribute to the blog, you must also comment on at least one other blog post from a classmate.