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January 30, 2006

First Things First

Yeah, I believe in what the manifesto reads. I think it's smart to want to fight a consumerism and design for the greater good. However, it seems like a daunting task for such a small group of people. I mean, have you ever seeen a social-political poster that has sustained an designer's ritsy lifestyle? Hells no. That designer had to make a lot of sears catelogues to get the bank to make such a poster. Society wants butt toners, not designers with big hearts.
"But, Trevor, think of the ripple! One person can make a difference! I saw it in a Disney movie!"
The designers who are considered good and relevant, and are looked up to by their peers have this status not because of the message they make, but the personality they own. Stefan Bucher a good designer? Barely. Could he make people laugh at conferences? (with the same damn presentation every time, mind you) If Stefan decides to make design with messages other than the ones promoted by large, check signing corporations, he would be as popular as Oprah when she ripped apart the meat industry. The spotlight moves fast for the unloved. Hooray for consumer goods!-the equilibrium of our world .