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Tonight only! Boxing Match, Trevor vs. Green design

It's frustrating realizing how much pollutants we take for granted. This project creates numerous design problems because of the amount of research taken for our products to conform to our strict, hippie guidelines. I shall dive deep in the realm of the gray with a borderline project that Rock and mother earth will enjoy.
Paper Samples? I must not be a graphic designer if the prospect of ordering paper samples does not appeal to me. I'm trying to dig deep here, but I just can't get myself stoked on ordering paper, Excuse me, samples of paper.

So what's your product about, you jaded bastard?

well, it's a time capsule. You know, those things you put loose treasure in and bury in hopes that you will find it in the future, and become one with past, present and yourself. Bearing in mind that no grave robber steals your box, looking for golden trinkets and plunder. I think that this product will go hand in hand with the green theme for a multitude of reasons. First, it's a mimimalist strategy of limiting objects used for this assignment to avoid excesss pollutants. Second, it's small and easy to decorate so the samples I get will work for the project. And last, I forgot what I was typing about because Tony is talking to me right moew.