November 1, 2004

Who me? Eat your Flesh?

country boy express hauls my manure

So my plan to dress up like a monkey for Halloween didn't quite work out. The giant monkey head was too hard to see out of, too hot to breathe through, and made it too inconvenient to drink. Plus the retro tuxedo or, "monkey suit," that I was going to borrow from Scott was too big. My last minute costume--manure truck driver--was less fun, but infinitely more comfortable. And my friends assured me that "manure truck driver" is right up there with school girls and Princess Leia on the list of male fantasies. So, I'm sure I turned a few heads as well.

who me?

I didn't make it to Lee's to see the Trachtenburg Family Slide Show Players, but I did stop by the Geek Haus and Scott's party. PJ dressed up for the first time. He was a zombie and tried to kill me several times during the evening. I think the best costume I spotted this year was the woman who dressed up as Hitchcock's The Birds. She wore a retro suit with black crows sewn onto her collar and hip.

I also got one last good deed in for the month of October. Scott was going to draw a mustache on his face using a Sharpie, and I told him that might not be a very good idea. I let him use my eye-liner instead.

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