August 17, 2005


Last week I traveled to the Chicago area to witness the marrying off of my cousin, Matt. I took the train downtown for a day and since it was raining I went to the Museum of Science and Industry. Several people had recommended it, and it was cool, but if I had known I'd have to wait in line for an hour just to buy a ticket to get in I probably would have skipped it. Highlights included Game On, a video game exibit where I played Pong and Pitfall. I was disappointed to not see Frogger there. Also, the Body Worlds exhibit was pretty cool. The bodies looked pretty real, but not real enough to be too gross. The worst was the man holding his skin. Or perhaps it was the head to toe body slice to show fat vs. skinny anatomy. There was also a body of a woman who was 7 months pregnant.

My favorite of course was the Robots Like Us exhibit, featuring tons of toy robots and space toys from the 40s though the 60s.


Robby the Robot from Forbidden Planet

The science museum took most of the day, but I did also make it out to Navy Pier for a boat ride and saw the stained glass window museum. The architectural tour I wanted to go on was canceled due to the rain.

Matt and Terea's wedding was fun. There was an open bar and I had enough to drink that I decided I knew how to dance. I'm sure the video evidence will prove otherwise. After the dance I went to a bar with my cousins Karen and John and friends Jeff and Lyle. That's where we took this jem I like to call "two drunks and a half."


I thought Jeff took a better one of us but this is all I found the next day. Well, this and a photo of an ATM?

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