April 17, 2006

Madison, Wisconsin

I managed to get myself a ride to Madison this weekend. Unfortunately there was some bad construction traffic and it took forever to get through Menomonie. We did get there Friday in time to see Low--which was great. The High Noon Saloon was cool. Saturday, David and Kate and I spent most of the day walking around campus / State Street shopping and eating. It was a beautiful day until I decided to spend way too much money on a pair of sunglasses to replace the one's I had left at home. Then the sun went down and it got a little cool. Most of the shops on State Street were pretty bad--a lot of cheap, disposable, (as David would say) "hoochie-mamma" clothes that I would never wear. They did have a gift store that sold lomographic cameras and I probably would have bought one if I hadn't got the soon-to-be unnecessary sunglasses. I did buy this little kaleidoscope-esque card to hold in front of my digital camera.


And I finally found another one of those big plastic hair pins that I like to use in my librarian bun, so in the end I have to give State Street a thumbs up. There are probably too many restaurants in the area though. It took us over an hour to decide where to eat dinner and by then it was late enough that we ended up eating at Potbelly's.

By Sunday it was pooring rain. Traffic wasn't as bad on the return trip. The rain stopped near Tomah and the sun reappeared by Eau Claire so I got to wear my sunglasses again. I really enjoyed being a passenger, though I felt a little guilty that I can't drive a manual transmission and couldn't help behind the wheel. I could make the trip again, but next time I'd probably avoid the restroom at the DQ / BP station in Osseo.

Posted by me at April 17, 2006 5:11 PM