May 13, 2006

The bowling ball wants it to mean something

Bowling at Bryant Lake Bowl
Friday, May 12, 2006

Friday I got a chance to re-test my theory that you bowl better if you dedicate your frame to people or things. I did pretty well--a couple of strikes and a couple of spares for "my love for Dick Valentine."

Picking up the spare for DV.

Anthony pointed out that it really wasn't fair of me to dedicate every ball to Dick, so I tried mixing in my love for cheese, my love for my cat, and that the bastard squirrel who keeps tipping over my bird feeder should get what's coming to him. But, I didn't do nearly so well as when I bowled for Dick. I actually got a gutter ball trying to damn the squirrel. I guess the bowling spirits don't appreciate violence or hate.

I ended up bowling a 102 and a 108. Not half bad. So, I think my theory is proven.

Also worth noting is that I had to meet new people for the second time this week (the first being a few people at Dave's birthday Wednesday.) Somehow I managed to survive. Hi new people--you aren't that scary/creepy after all?

Posted by me at May 13, 2006 10:35 AM