June 13, 2006

Too Wet to Plow

I "crashed" a wedding last Saturday to see my friend's "band" play. They were pretty good. I only hesitate to call them a band because it would imply that they have embraced some sort of organization or have aspirations for rock stardom. I think they eventually settled on the name "Too Wet to Plow," which plays homage to the rural farm environment they grew up in, yet still sounds dirty enough for rock. While at the wedding dance, I was struck by the irresistable (not alcohol induced) urge to see if I could slide across the dance floor on my knees. I thought I'd hit the parquet and come to a screeching halt but it totally worked (fyi, I was wearing pants.) Too much fun.

Too Wet To Plow

Posted by me at June 13, 2006 9:37 PM