July 4, 2006

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Good clean fun on the filthy Mississippi River
La Crosse, Wisconsin

I am a highly reflective surface (don't worry, I put on the SPF 45.)
I am a highly reflective surface

Where I was:
Where I was

And because it's Independence Day, something I love about America:
0FT 0IN--No Diving

I spent the weekend at my cousin's in La Crosse. We went to Riverfest and saw an oldies band called Studebaker 7 and some boring band (Caroline's Spine) who reportedly had a hit I had never heard. Riverfest wasn't that exciting, but La Crosse was fun--I got to go down a waterslide and ride around on a boat--two things I haven't done in years.

La Crosse residents seem to be fond of slogan t-shirts. I saw a ton of them at Riverfest, everthing from "Officer I swear to drunk I'm not God" to "Cunning Linguist."

I didn't make it back until late Monday night. It was kind of fun driving at night, though I almost backed into a ditch in La Crescent because I was distracted by a sea of fireflies. I saw quite a few fireworks between La Crosse and Rochester.

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