September 10, 2006

I Did It My Way

Zombie Pub Crawl
September 9, 2006
Northeast Minneapolis

ZPC cheer = What do we want? Brains! When do we want them? Braaaaaiiiiiiinnnns!
Overheard = "Pardon me, I'm mean, um ... braaaaiiiins."

There were some really good costumes again this year. My favorite was Zombie Marathon Runner. He had tire tracks on his back. I went as Zombie Nancy Spungen.

This year we hit the 331, 1029, NE Yacht Club, Elsie's, Whitey's, Otter Saloon, and the Spring Street. The 331 had a doorman in a coffin and a zombie band. The 331 club is awesome. The staff at the NE Yacht Club let me use their tape to fix my trick knife. The staff of the NE Yacht Club is awesome. There was Zombowling at Elsie's and Zombie-oke at the Spring Street. I had promised myself earlier in the week that I wouldn't get so drunk that I'd forget I can't sing.



PJ and I singing the Sex Pistol's "My Way"

I'm not really sure how that happened. I think the mix of vodka, fake blood, and irritation due to people not recognizing my costume made me temporarily insane. The giant blonde wig may have also played a role. Someone threw a bloody white rose on stage for us, so we must not have been too bad. Not that Sid Vicious had set the bar that high.

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