October 30, 2006

More Bears, Less Bores

Electric Six @ First Avenue
October 27, 2006

w/ The Blue Van & Aberdeen City

Holy crap.

While I was waiting for Electric Six to take the stage I challenged Scott to a game of pool. Check out the cue ball:

Cue ball

The night just got better and better.

Until Scott got killed by a polar bear:

Scott getting attacked by a bear at Electric Six

The show was awesome. I rushed the stage. There was no oxygen up there, but I totally got pummeled so it was OK. I spent a good deal of the evening with my face planted into the back of a guy wearing a white shirt. I'd like to thank Mr. White Shirt for being a soft landing. I have a nice bruise on my left shoulder. It's shaped like a lightning bolt. Ok it's not. But...

This is what an Electric Six crowd should look like. Less bores, more bears. Plus Dave's fu manchu kicks a little ass:

...at Electric Six

My photos got much, much worse. It was sort of hard to hold the camera still. And they should all be captioned "Shannon, clean the dust off your lens."

This was for me:

Dick Valentine

Percussion World is from Wisconsin Dells, Minnesota. During Dick's pre-"Rock and Roll Evacuation" BUUUUUSSSSHHHHH monolog, he said that they are going to build a new Mount Rushmore on top of the Renaissance Center in Detroit featuring Jesus and the Devil and Elvis and Dave Pirner of Soul Asylum and BUUUUSSSSHHHH. I tried to video it but screwed it up.

Dick's intro to just about every song was that it just wasn't going to be good enough this year for the Detroit Tigers. It was Brad's birthday, from the Blue Van, so Dick brought him up on stage and sang Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors" to him.

I drank a bit. I was feeling good. I high-fived Nash while he was walking by minding his own business. Percussion World said he really liked my video so I hugged him. Then I found Dick and suavely introduced myself like this: "Hi, I'm Shannon. I humped a giant mushroom dressed like a monkey and you put me on your guest list. Thanks." He said I should make a video for "Night Vision." I said maybe I will but it's gonna have to have a monkey head in it. Dick laughed at me. He still wants to marry me, I can tell. I said hi to Dequindre at the merch table, where I met Mike (inexperienced trailer backer) Dundon. He invited me to hang out but I was dying for pizza so I gave him my phone number instead. Tait? and The Colonel illuded me. Four out of six isn't too bad, but I really wanted to ask Tait? his opinion of Keytars. Oh well, next time.

I miss them.

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