December 3, 2006

Dick and Balls

Happy Birthday to me! Theme 31: Is it over yet?

This year's birthday involved a visit to the bowling alley where I unequivocally proved that dedicating your bowling balls to someone (in my case Dick Valentine) before you toss them down the lane improves your performance.

For example, observe frame one of game three:

All downhill from here

Kathy dedicated her ball to John Bon Jovi, while Marv, Dave and myself dedicated our balls to Dick Valentine. Scott didn't. Scott only scored a nine, while Kathy, myself, Dave, and Marv all got strikes.

We also discovered speed bowling, which is what you get when you buy the lane by the hour instead of by the game. Speed bowling occasionally results in unfortunate ball / gate collisions that proprietors of bowling alleys do not find amusing.

After bowling, I met Chris and Lisa at the 331 club. Lisa gave me Warhol lips for shushing.

Chrisified Warhol Lips

Speaking of shushing... TNT premieres the sequel to The Librarian tonight. The Librarian was ridiculously stupid, but worth watching if only to see Bob Newhart kill a man with his bare hands. Hopefully there will be plenty of Bob in this one too.

Posted by me at December 3, 2006 6:47 PM