October 27, 2008

Electric Six @ First Avenue

Electric Six @ First Avenue
October 26, 2008
w/ Local H & The Millionth Word

Indeed, there are now TWO capes. (For those who are keeping track, that's two capes more than Shannon has.) They opened with Flashy Man--Dick wore a red cape with "Flashy" written in cursive glitter on the back. Then Smorgasbord took off the Flashy cape to reveal the "It's Showtime" cape underneath, and they played that one next.

Memorable Moments:
"My Drummer" is from Eden Prairie, Minnesota. My Drummer has a radical agenda. Radical Drummer. My Drummer is offering one dollar off domestic beers at the Aquarium tomorrow in Fargo North Dakota. My Drummer has a credit card. My Drummer is a community organizer. My Drummer is starting a drum clinic... showing you the way... Play the drums for one night and you hear some drumming, teach a man to drum and he'll end up just like My Drummer, stuck in a miasma that never ends, ending up at First Avenue time and time again. My Drummer is going to make the call about when he takes it back up.

From now on, Electric Six is demanding the media investigate whether political candidates are pro-Electric Six or anti-Electric Six. Dick Valentine is donating money to El Tinklenberg. El Tinklenberg is Spanish for "The Tinklenberg."

Dick did laps around the inside of First Avenue at the end of Formula 409.

Tate and Dick nearly cracked up when Tate did the "disco burn" whisper in Future is in the Future. I did crack up.

Set List, not in order, and to the best of my recollection:

Flashy Man
It's Showtime
We Were Witchy Witchy White Women
Dirty Ball
Lovers Beware
Your Heat is Rising
Danger! High Voltage
Gay Bar
Improper Dancing / Sexy Trash
Rock and Roll Evacuation
Dance Epidemic
Future is in the Future
I Buy the Drugs
Down at McDonnelzzz
When I Get to the Green Building
Dance Pattern
Germans in Mexico

Gay Bar Part Two
She's White
Formula 409
Dance Commander

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