January 10, 2009

My new fish, Darwin

A few years ago, I joked that I thought it would be funny to get a giant stuffed marlin to hang above my bed. I had this idea in my head that I'd be able to judge a potential suitor's character based on his reaction to the fish. Flash forward a few years....it turns out PJ thought it would make for a good joke too. Only in his version he showed up at my door with a seven foot sailfish. It seems that while he was on a recent road trip, his friend Joel was emailing him craigslist ads for fish along the way. PJ ended up finding one in Chicago, the former resident of a now closed Bucktown bar called Darwin's. His name--Darwin Finnegan Fish.

I had planned to hang him in the bedroom, but since the only place he'd fit put his beak right at the level of my recently la$ered eyes, I decided he'd be safer in the living room over the TV. A mount, a screw, a tool (jokes were made) and a stud finder (I resisted) later, he's all moved in. Pretty handsome, no?


Darwin's official fish story: PJ and I caught him while ice fishing on Lake Michigan.

Fish Story

PJ and I should probably get engaged so that I can send this photo out in next year's Christmas cards.

Until then, watch your inboxes for an invite to the Fish Warming Party.

Posted by me at January 10, 2009 12:03 AM