June 10, 2009

Total Eclipse of the Heart (Literal Video Version)

One of the funniest things I've ever seen.

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November 18, 2008

Robitussin and Porn

Holly Golightly & the Brokeoffs
7th Street Entry, Minneapolis
w/ Delaney Davidson
November 17, 2008

Holly and Lawyer Dave filled the evening with songs (thematically ranging from domestic violence, to escalators, Jägermeister, suicide, pornography, and back to domestic violence) nearly all of which are hated by the people of Salt Lake City.

Most songs were also introduced with an amusing anecdote:
LD: "This song is about when I broke Holly's arm with my horse."
HG: "But it wasn't a real horse. It was a one of those sticks with a head on it. So it could have been a lot worse."

Delaney Davidson, who was one of the better opening acts I've seen in a long time, managed to get quite a few audience members waltzing during the show. PJ bought his CD and I plan to make him lend it to me.

Photo by Jon Behm

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November 5, 2008

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan & His Band
Northrop Auditorium, University of Minnesota
November 4, 2008 (Election Night)

"I was born in 1941. That was the year they bombed Pearl Harbor. There have been some dark times since then. It looks like things are going to change now." (Roughly translated from Dylan)

Photo by peterhoneyman

Cat's in the Well
The Times They Are A-Changin'
Summer Days
This Wheel's on Fire
Tangled Up in Blue
Masters of War
Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again
John Brown
Beyond the Horizon
Highway 61 Revisited
Shooting Star
It's All Right Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)
Under the Red Sky
Thunder on the Mountain
Ain't Talkin'

Like a Rolling Stone
Blowin' in the Wind

The show was pretty good. I think Masters of War was probably my favorite song of the evening. All of the oldies had new arrangements. It's All Right Ma was half over by the time I recognized it. But, it was a fun show. Plus, I now get to answer "Watching Bob Dylan sing Blowing' in the Wind" to the question "Where were you when the United States elected it's first African American president?" That's pretty cool.

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July 31, 2008

Formula 409

Damn fine work.

Electric Six @ First Avenue
October 26

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May 13, 2008


Devotchka w/ Basia Bulat
May 6, 2008, First Avenue

Oooh, Devotchka was GOOD. I haven't felt this smitten since I broke off my imaginary engagement to Dick. Maybe I should marry Nick Urata instead? He wears frilly tuxedo shirts and plays the theremin. I could build an imaginary life around that.

But seriously, it was an excellent show. They even had aerialists swinging from the light rigging. Spring came late this year, but now that I've remembered how much fun it is to leave the house, I'm going to need to find something else to do soon.

slavicsisters.jpg nick.jpg

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April 13, 2008

Got Milk?

What do Dick Valentine and the California Milk Processor Board Have in Common?


Music by Tyler Spencer & Zach Shipps of Electric Six
Directed by Tom Kuntz (of Danger! High Voltage fame)



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April 2, 2008

Mux Redux

My Muxtape made it into Wired, sort of. “Who cares if a robot-centric roundup sounds better in theory??

Personally, I think songs about robots are the greatest things to happen to music since the theremin was invented. But, since I technically am more obsessed with the idea of robots than actual robots (except for Clocky, my robotic alarm clock), I shouldn’t complain too loudly that someone might suggest my idea is better in theory.

If my "work" with robots continues to be "published," I think I may start second-guessing my career path.

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March 19, 2008

A Stranger in a Strange Land

I have been to the arena. I have marveled at the jumbo-tron. I have seen those who do not find it embarrassing to wear the concert t-shirt they bought the last time the band was in town to the show as testament to their enthusiasm. I have seen suburban mothers with the same feathered haircut they had in 1984. I have seen 18,000 (actually 17,998 as Kathy and I are as cool as cucumbers) go apeshit for an unlikely Bad Medicine / Shout (you know you make me want to shout, throw my hands up and shout, your love is like bad medicine) medley. I have been to....

Bon Jovi at the Excel Center
March 18, 2008

Bon Jovi

This woman behind Jon was my favorite part of the show. She was soooooo excited. I believe Jon had just touched her. Right after, he bent over to shake hand with some fans and everyone behind him started taking photos of his butt. I wonder if those seats were more expensive?

Kathy and I got some cheap but decent tickets from the last scalper on the scene. Though I do not really like Bon Jovi, I must say that the show was so cheese ball, that I laughed more than I have in a long time, and that alone was worth the price of the ticket.

The cheesiest part of the show was probably when Jon took us back in time (by counting back to 1984 from 2008) so we could witness history (Runaway on the radio) being made. He didn't just count though, he screamed and gesticulated back to 1984 not unlike Kermit the Frog at the beginning of the Muppet Show.

Other interesting observations:
* Neither Jon Bon Jovi nor Richie Sambora have armpit hair. I have hypothesized that they wax because gray body hair is not very rock and roll.
* Jon knows exactly where the cameras are at all times.
* Jon dances like the love child of Neil Diamond and Jane Fonda. (He would during the show, admit "They don't pay me to dance."
* "Wanted Dead or Alive" and "Blaze of Glory" are two different songs.
* Richie Sambora can sing (I use this instead of the should have been obvious, Richie Sambora is in Bon Jovi.)

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December 28, 2007

Neon Bible

This interactive flash-thingy for Arcade Fire is pretty cool:

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October 14, 2007

What do Vanilla Ice's hair, centaurs, and Delorians have in common?

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October 8, 2007

Electric Six put a little mustard on it!

Electric Six w/ Gore Gore Girls and We Are the Fury
First Avenue, Minneapolis
October 7, 2007

The show was awesome. Maybe the best I've ever seen? Too close to call with last October? Dick & company were, as promised, very excessive. Dick has a purple cape. Tait was strumming the Colonel's guitar and playing the keyboard at the same time. Smorgasbord even kicked so hard during "Future Boys" that he lost his footing and fell over. I hope he didn't hurt himself. What else... Dick and Tait now have the same haircut. Electric Six is "Hennepin County's Premier Political Band." Percussion World is from St. Cloud, Minneapolis. Michele Bachmann dreams of BUUUSSSSSHHHH! and wanted to cut tonight's show short but they weren't going to let her do it. Dick said she looks exactly like his mom, and asked how many of us had an uncle with a mustache who voted for her.

I barely made it past the merch table. The It's Showtime! shirt was pretty cool, it had a creepy drawing of Tait on it. They only had it in men's Ts though, so I didn't buy anything. I probably should have gotten the centaur shirt, I really liked that one too. I'd love to go to Fargo to see them again tonight, but sadly it's not going to happen.

Also, (roughly) "This stage is a factory, and these guys are my coworkers and you all are my clients, and we manufacture happiness!"

So true!

It's Showtime!

Set list: I think I remembered them all, but they aren't in order.

It's Showtime!
Dance Commander
Electric Demons in Love
Dance Pattern
Down at McDonnelzz
Danger! High Voltage
Improper Dancing (w/ part of Sexy Trash between Stop and Continue)
Rock and Roll Evacuation
White Train
Future is in the Future
Dirty Looks
I Buy The Drugs
Future Boys
Infected Girls
Feed My Fuckin' Habit
Gay Bar
Randy's Hot Tonight
Germans In Mexico

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October 1, 2007

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah!

Guess who thought she wasn't going to get to go to the Arcade Fire / LCD Soundsystem show because she's sad and poor? Me.

Guess who did in fact get to go when a chance meeting with LCD Soundsystem's sound engineer, Mary, resulted in a spot on the guest list? Me!

Arcade Fire / LCD Soundsystem / Mary all get four stars.

LCD Soundsystem
LCD Soundsystem

Arcade Fire
Arcade Fire


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September 28, 2007

Is Ryan Adams the Devil? Or, why I will probably never believe anything in the news again.

Ryan Adams & the Cardinals
State Theatre, Minneapolis
September 27, 2007


Last night I decided to try my luck with the scalpers down at the State Theatre. To my delight, Scott had the good fortune to run into a girl looking to sell her tickets in a hurry--we got two for $38. I haven't seen Ryan since his infamous First Avenue show in 2003. With the exception of one crabby lady to my right complaining about people not being in their seats by 8pm and another lady to my left complaining because he wasn't playing anything from Gold, I thought the show was really great. He did have a little technical trouble and apologized to the audience as he adjusted some equipment, saying "Thank you for your patience." He was pretty quiet, perhaps a bit cranky, but he played well and sounded good.

I must say I was pretty confused as I read the Star Tribune's review of the show this morning over breakfast. In part it read: "Temperamental rock cult hero Ryan Adams had another meltdown in Minneapolis -- this time at his sold-out concert Thursday night at the State Theatre." For the love of God. It's true there was no encore, and a few people did boo, but there was no meltdown. Not even close. I don't want to imply that Ryan has done nothing to deserve his bad reputation, but when I read reviews like this I do wonder if perhaps he only deserves some of it.

Ben Kyle of local band Romantica opened (and did a really great job.)

Set List:
1. Two
2. Goodnight Rose
3. Beautiful Sorta
4. Rescue Blues
5. Let it Ride
6. Dear Chicago
7. Peaceful Valley
8. Nightbirds
9. Dear John
10. Wildflowers
11. Shakedown
12. Cold Roses
13. The End
14. Please Do Not Let Me Go
15. A Kiss Before I Go

Update: As if to prove my point, the AP has picked up the meltdown story and it can now be read and believed worldwide.

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September 24, 2007

Holly Golightly and The Brokeoffs

September 23, 2007
7th Street Entry, Minneapolis

Lawyer Dave and Holly Golightly

According to Holly, Danish reporters asked her and Lawyer Dave what they were doing to stop global warming and they replied that they were going to go back to their hotel to commit suicide. They cited water savings from having less laundry to do.

After the show PJ bought a CD which Lawyer Dave removed from the cellophane wrapper with a knife in order to autograph. A stabbing joke was made, and I asked him to make sure he got blood on the CD so it would be worth more when I sold it on Ebay. Holly then told us that she had requested the artwork on the CD face be the color of dried blood.

Such dark people we are.

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September 10, 2007

Get your lasers ready!

Flaming Lips @ The Myth

The Myth, the rock club located in the parking lot of the Maplewood Toys R Us, does not allow carabiner keychains to be brought in to the club. Apparently they can be used as brass knuckles, FYI. I have never been so thoroughly frisked in my life.

The Flaming Lips were fun, as always. The absence of Wayne's cosmic hamster ball was disappointing, but the new laser pointer stunt was fun. Before the show, everyone in the audience was given a laser pointer, which we were instructed to point at Wayne when the video screen behind the band indicated it was time. As the screen displayed "Get your lasers ready! 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1" Wayne spun around with a big mirror, filling the club with a fabulous, red, probably radioactive, glow. Good times. Not as good as last year's show at the State Fair, but still...not too shabby.

Image stolen from "oh how i miss jen" via flickr.

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August 15, 2007

I Shall Exterminate Everything Around Me That Restricts Me From Being The Master


You can now preview four tracks from the upcoming Electric Six album on MySpace. Says the band:

"With 7 weeks (give or take) to go until the street date of "I Shall Exterminate Everything Around Me That Restricts Me From Being The Master," we think it's high time to put up some of the tracks. On our MySpace site jukebox, you should find "Down at McDonnelzz," "Randy's Hot Tonight," "Feed My Habit," and "Sexy Trash." The first and the third tracks are there to prove Valentine can sing using a falsetto. The second track is there to prove that not every song on this record will include a falsetto vocal. The final track is included to demonstrate that Na$hinal is on acid. Enjoy."

Sexy trash is very Captain Beefheart. I put it on repeat and after about 15 minutes started to daydream about day-glo ponies. I'm not sure why, because normally I associate day-glo ponies with Quintron & Miss Pussycat.


Also, I think it's great that a bunch of guys out to exterminate everything around them aren't afraid of tea cups and pink. I do wish, however, that someone would put an end to the wearing of white socks with black shoes and black pants. I don't mean to pick on Tait, because we've all been there before, but...it's a pet peeve of mine. But other than the socks, everything looks good to me. I'm looking forward to October.

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August 9, 2007

White Stripes Conspiracy Reader

My friend, Wilhelmina, has finally updated The White Stripes Conspiracy Reader with clues from the new album, Icky Thump. Wilhelmina tells me she was going to retire until she saw someone had started a "Meg White is a Robot" group in Facebook. Inspired, she decided she must press on, for "the fans."


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July 14, 2007

Low @ Weisman Art Center w/ Paul Metzger

What could be more fun than lying in the grass between the Mississippi River and the WAC watching Low? They played a number of songs I haven’t heard for a long time. One in particular, “Do You Know How to Waltz? sent me reminiscing about the time I got caught in a downpour in Duluth. I was on my way to see Low and had the misfortune to be standing below Superior Street when the rain became too much for the sewer system to handle. A tidal wave of rainwater came rushing down the street, down the hill, nearly knocking me over and drenching me from head to toe. I spent the rest of the night shivering, wet, sitting on the floor listening to “Curtain Hits the Cast? era feedback. It was pretty depressing. Tonight, “Do You Know How to Waltz? set in motion the watery forces of the universe once again… this time in the form of the U’s sprinkler system. I unluckily parked my bike right in the line of fire of at least four sprinkler heads. Still, good times.

Do You Know How to Waltz?
Silver Rider
I Started a Joke
Point of Disgust
In the Drugs
Violent Past
Dinosaur Act
When I Go Deaf
In Silence

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June 25, 2007

Icky Thump

My incredibly brief Icky Thump review:
2 out of 4 stars!

01. "Icky Thump"
Yes, the lyrics are stupid, but it still sounds cool.

02. "You Don't Know What Love Is (You Just Do as You're Told)"
Maybe. It's not a bad sounding song, but it's a bit condescending and arrogant.

03. "300 MPH Torrential Outpour Blues"

04. "Conquest"
Yes, but for how long? I can't deny that I enjoy the guitar vs. horns part. Plus it sort of reminds me of the soundtrack to The Good the Bad and the Ugly.

05. "Bone Broke"
No. Ten years ago maybe, but I do not care to hear Jack sing about being broke now.

06. "Prickly Thorn, But Sweetly Worn"
No. I'll give them La la la la la la la la la la la la la la, but I'm going to have to stop them at Li de li de li oh oh.

07. "St. Andrew (This Battle Is in the Air)"
Hell No.

08. "Little Cream Soda"
Yes, but I liked this song better when it was called Handsprings. (OK maybe that's an exaggeration, but a lot of the songs on this album remind me of White Stripes songs I like better).

09. "Rag and Bone"

10. "I'm Slowly Turning into You"
No. (I'm resisting the urge to say the lyrics are "annoying, annoying as hell in fact.")

11. "A Martyr for My Love for You"

12. "Catch Hell Blues"
Yes, I'm a sucker for slide.

13. "Effect and Cause"

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June 12, 2007

Free Summer Music

Am I missing any?

Thursday, June 14
Adam Levy (Tunes at Noon)
Nadas 5-9 p.m. (Alive After Five, Peavey Plaza)
The Honeydogs & The Melismatics (Music in Mears)

Friday, June 15
Andra Suchy (Tunes at Noon)
Hopefuls and The Pines 5-9 p.m. (Alive After Five, Peavey Plaza)

Saturday, June 16
11:15 - Aviette
12:15 - Stook!
1:15 - Bookreader
2:15 - Bill Mike Band
3:30 - Kubla Khan
5:00 - The Alarmists

11:15 - Bob & Lynn Dixon
12:15 - Jonathan Delehanty
1:15 - Eliza Blue
2:15 - Brad Senne from Beight
3:15 - Martin Devaney
4:15 - Mayda
5:15 - Jeremy Messersmith

Sunday, June 17
10:15 - Jeff Wenberg
11:15 - The Abdomen
12:30 - Catchpenny
2:00 - The Sweet Latrines
3:00 - Romantica
4:00 - The Sweet Colleens
5:00 - The Mood Swings

Sunday, June 17
11:15 - Bellatrex
12:15 - Charley Dush
1:15 -Andra Suchy
2:15 - Spaghetti Western String Co.
3:15 - Jeff D. Johnson
4:15 - Justin Roth
5:15 - High On Stress

Monday, June 18th
James & Mary Everest (Tunes at Noon)

Tuesday, June 19th
Summit Avenue (Tunes at Noon)

Wednesday, June 20th
Tim Mahoney (Tunes at Noon)

Thursday, June 21st
Dana Thompson (Tunes at Noon)
The New Congress (Mill City Live)
Dan Isreal and the Cultivators (Music in Mears)

Friday, June 22nd
White Light Riot (Tunes at Noon)

Monday, June 25th
Charlie Parr (Tunes at Noon)

Tuesday, June 26th
Brass Kings (Tunes at Noon)

Wednesday, June 27th
Molly Maher (Tunes at Noon)

Thursday, June 28th
Alison Scott (Tunes at Noon)
Old Yeller (Music in Mears)

Friday, June 29-July 4
Taste of Minnesota

Thursday, July 5th
Molly Maher and Her Disbelievers (Mill City Live)

Saturday, July 7th (07/07/07)
777 Event - 7 venues, each with 7 bands

Thursday, July 12
Chris Koza & The Absent Arch (Music in Mears)

Friday, July 13th
Aquatennial Block Party, 5-11:30pm
Macy’s Day of Music, noon – noon (Little Man, Hopefuls, Jelloslave, Chris Koza, Charlie Parr, etc.)

Sunday, July 15th
Ruby Isle, Vicious Vicious, Dance Band, Omaur Bliss, Moon Maan, 3-10pm (Bastille Day @ Barbette)

Monday, July 16th
Black Blondie / All That Heaven Allows (Loring Park)

Thursday, July 19
Charlie Parr & My Two Torns (Music in Mears)
White Light Riot (Mill City Live)

Monday, July 23rd
Plastic Constellations / There’s Always Tomorrow (Loring Park)

Thursday, July 26th
Alison Scott & Summit Avenue / Fletch (Music in Mears)

Monday, July 30th
The Knotwells / The Tarnished Angels (Loring Park)

Thursday, August 2nd
Jason Shannon & Mary Bue / The Great Outdoors (Music in Mears)
JoAnna James (Mill City Live)

Monday, August 6th
Metronomy / Written on the Wind (Loring Park)

Thursday, August 9th
Aviette Music & The Glad Version / The Princess Bride (Music in Mears)

Monday, August 13th
Robert Skoro / Imitation of Life (Loring Park)

Thursday, August 16th
JoAnna James & Jeremy Messersmith / Dead Poet’s Society (Music in Mears)
Salsa del Soul (Mill City Live)

Monday, August 20th
Andy Palacio and the Garifuna Collective / Magnificent Obsession (Loring Park)

Thursday, August 23rd
Dance Band & Magic Castles / Girls Just Want to Have Fun (Music in Mears)

Thursday, August 30th
The Flaming Oh's & The Alarmists / Young Frankenstein (Music in Mears)

Thursday, Sept. 6th
The Alarmists (Mill City Live)

Thursday, Sept. 20th
Kip Blackshire (Mill City Live)

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May 24, 2007

On the stand near her hand was a candy cane.


Icky Thump video

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May 14, 2007

Don't try to tell me inaction is not a crime.

I am still disappointed I didn't get in to Andrew Bird. I meant to buy my ticket in advance, I really did. You'd think after the Whole debacle I would have learned my lesson, but it seems I haven't.

Dave's got some video up for lazy jerks like me who missed the show: http://blip.tv/users/view/neurocameraman

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May 8, 2007

Dick / Duck

Electric Six
First Avenue
May 4, 2007

It wasn't the best show I've ever seen, but you can't really go wrong with Electric Six. Plus it was only $1 so I'm not going to complain. Turns out that a camera with a big zoom and "image stabalization" is still just a camera in the dark. I really thought it was going to be magic. It's possible I just chose the wrong setting. I guess I could read the manual. It's also possible that if I had put a little effort into it instead of standing at the back of the room they would have turned out a bit better.

Dick and Johnny Na$hinal:
Dick Valentine & Johnny Na$hinal

On the other hand, look how close I got to this mutant duck that is camped out in my back yard. I will not rest until I have identified it. Someone out there must have more knowlege of ducks than myself. I've seen it hanging out with both wood ducks and mallards and it doesn't look like either of them.

Basset Creek's Mutant Duck

And yes, there is cause for alarm that I'm more interested in this duck than Dick Valentine at the moment.

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December 19, 2006

All the men in my life keep getting killed by Candarian Demons.

Day Two
Friday, December 15th

After a long, sleepless night trying to determine how to turn off the radiator in our hotel room (it was loud & really hot--opening the window only made it pop and hiss more) we hopped on the B train towards Central Park and the Museum of Natural History. At the museum I saw many stuffed fish that I thought would look cool mounted over my bed. We didn't learn anything but we did find where the stereotypical rude New Yorkers were hiding--in line for the planetarium show. Honestly, the show was only running about 5 minutes late. Maybe I was just extra tolerant because I had lost my ticket while wandering through the museum and the staff was nice enough to give me another one so I could get in to the planetarium.

I also found the fabled albino New York City sewer alligator. They are extinct now. Maybe the C.H.U.D.s killed them all?

Museum of Natural History

After the museum we decided to walk across Central Park, see Strawberry Fields, and get some lunch. Unfortunately there was no food anywhere near Central Park, with the exception of vendor hotdogs. We walked up to Le Parker Meridian to get a burger at Burger Joint but the line was too long (even at 2pm) and we were starving. We ended up eating at Topaz Thai around the corner. It was decent. After lunch we walked up to the discount ticket booth to find that the line wrapped around the Marriot several times. We decided to go back to the hotel for a nap and try again later. When we returned we were able to walk right up to the counter, procuring tickets for the 11pm performance of Evil Dead: the Musical at the New World Stages. That's right. Evil Dead. The Musical.

We walked around Time Square for a while and looked at the window decorations. There was a man down the street with a sign warning that the end was near. Saks Fifth Avenue had lighted snowflakes on the outside of the building that were programmed to blink to "Carole of the Bells."

We ended up eating dinner at Maxie's Delicatessen which was Ok. We were looking for cheese cake and found sandwiches that were obscenely large--an entire pound of meat. Which wouldn't have been so bad but they threatened to charge us $3 if we shared it. Should I be penalized for not wanting to eat an entire pound of meat? No. We called their bluff and shared it anyway. We didn't get charged. The burger was OK. The Cheesecake was OK. Nothing special, but pretty good.

Evil Dead: The Musical was awesome. The first few rows ("Splatter Zone") are half price because you get sprayed with fake blood. We sat in the sixth row, which was the row just beyond where the blood hit. The show was hilarious. There were lots of "inside jokes" incorporated into the plot. At one point Cheryl was reading Bruce Campbell's autobiography, and later Annie joked that the movie Spiderman (also by Sam Raimi) sucked. The songs were pretty good too. I think my favorite was the doo-wop song, "All the Men In My Life Keep Getting Killed By Candarian Demons." [Listen on MySpace]

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December 18, 2006

Because you never know, you never know, you never know, until you go…

New York City: Day One
Thursday, December 14

Kathy and I took an early flight out of MSP to JFK. There was hardly anyone on the plane. I guess most people are smart enough not to start their vacation by getting up at 3am. Eager to ride the subway and to avoid a $50 cab fare we jumped in the AirTrain and took the A train to Penn Station. Seven dollars! Piece of cake!


Having experienced the marvel that is New York's MTA, I can now officially start complaining about how much mass transit in the Twin Cities sucks. It only took about two stops for a guy on the train to start rapping. A few stops later an old lady asked me if I wanted to be saved by Jesus (I didn't.) I saw three people wearing identical quilted leather jackets. Taking the subway was pretty cool, not because we spent an hour underground in a dark tunnel, but because we went from the nothingness that was the airport (the surrounding area looked a bit like Lake and Hiawatha), and emerged from underground in the middle of Manhattan. The first thing we saw as we were hauling our suitcases up the stairs to 8th Avenue was the Empire State Building.

We were able to check in to the hotel early and spent the first part of the afternoon walking around. We saw the Flatiron Building and Kathy ate a hotdog from a vendor. Next we stopped in at the Chelsea Hotel. I remembered you well. It was such a nice day that we decided to take a City Line cruise that took us around the southern tip of the island, downtown, past the Statue of Liberty. It was nice until the sun went down about 45 minutes into the 2-hour trip. After the cruise we were hungry and frozen so we popped into a BBQ joint for a sandwich. By this time it was dark so we walked over to Time Square and Rockefeller Plaza. The tree was huge and giant projected snowflakes fell down the side of Rockefeller Center. We took a bus back to the hotel to ready ourselves for the Dick Valentine show. Turns out both Kathy and I independently decided that the choice sexy outfit for a night out in New York was jeans and a black turtleneck. I think this is amusing.

The Elton John tribute show before Dick was running late so we just hung out by the door and waited. I met fellow Electric Six enthusiast Nicky and her fiancé Dave. The show was pretty cool. Joe's pub was nice, but not so hip that Kathy and I were turned away at the door for not being fabulous enough. The only thing I didn't like about Joe's Pub was the woman in the ladies room who wouldn't let me wash my own hands. Restroom valets give me the creeps.

Dick was accompanied on several songs by a woman named Smith. Smith played a Nord Electro 2 and was, according to Dick, the only person in the room who had been to Detroit besides him. And Dave Kaplan.

Dick Valentine

American Troubadour set list:
She's White (part one)
Snowball (Devo cover)
She's White (part two)
She's Guatemala
She's White (part three)
Explains that he can't believe he's only getting $9000 (I'm pretty sure he was joking) for playing the show when the guy who wrote the music for Brokeback Mountain made "one billion dollars" for strumming two notes.
"Who hates the French as much as I do?"
I Don't Speak French
"Anyone here in love?" silence. "No?"
I Invented the Night
When I Win the Lottery (Camper Van Beethoven cover)
Explains that the next song is one he cowrote with Eddie Vedder and it is about a father and a son and a curse and the audience tonight is going to lift the curse... etc.
Dance Commander
Jimmy Carter
Pink Flamingos
"Who here considers themselves to be hardcore Electric Six fans?" Wild applause. "Who considers themselves to be hardcore Bongwater fans?" One lone, quiet "woo."
Living End (Bongwater cover)
Hysteria (Def Leppard cover)
Vengeance and Fashion / Taxi to Nowhere
Explains that Jack White taught him how to splice his songs together. Acknowledges that he owes "all this" to Jack.
Jack White Song (sung in a rather spot on high pitched Jack White shriek)
States "I'm going to hell."
Lenny Kravitz
Night Vision (invites three girls onto stage to sing back up)
Gay Bar (invites everyone onto stage)
Tells everyone to get off the stage and not to touch him. Everyone responds by touching him as they leave the stage.
Forever in Blue Jeans (Neil Diamond cover)
Band in Hell
??? Title Unknown??? I think the lyrics contained the phrase "pressure cooker."
Tiny Little Men

After the show Tyler immediately took off like Satan was after him. But not before I jumped in front of him to say hi. He recognized me, which kind of surprised me, saying "All the way from Minnesota!" I told him I was excited to be in NYC and he said I'd have a good time. I did.

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October 30, 2006

More Bears, Less Bores

Electric Six @ First Avenue
October 27, 2006

w/ The Blue Van & Aberdeen City

Holy crap.

While I was waiting for Electric Six to take the stage I challenged Scott to a game of pool. Check out the cue ball:

Cue ball

The night just got better and better.

Until Scott got killed by a polar bear:

Scott getting attacked by a bear at Electric Six

The show was awesome. I rushed the stage. There was no oxygen up there, but I totally got pummeled so it was OK. I spent a good deal of the evening with my face planted into the back of a guy wearing a white shirt. I'd like to thank Mr. White Shirt for being a soft landing. I have a nice bruise on my left shoulder. It's shaped like a lightning bolt. Ok it's not. But...

This is what an Electric Six crowd should look like. Less bores, more bears. Plus Dave's fu manchu kicks a little ass:

...at Electric Six

My photos got much, much worse. It was sort of hard to hold the camera still. And they should all be captioned "Shannon, clean the dust off your lens."

This was for me:

Dick Valentine

Percussion World is from Wisconsin Dells, Minnesota. During Dick's pre-"Rock and Roll Evacuation" BUUUUUSSSSHHHHH monolog, he said that they are going to build a new Mount Rushmore on top of the Renaissance Center in Detroit featuring Jesus and the Devil and Elvis and Dave Pirner of Soul Asylum and BUUUUSSSSHHHH. I tried to video it but screwed it up.

Dick's intro to just about every song was that it just wasn't going to be good enough this year for the Detroit Tigers. It was Brad's birthday, from the Blue Van, so Dick brought him up on stage and sang Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors" to him.

I drank a bit. I was feeling good. I high-fived Nash while he was walking by minding his own business. Percussion World said he really liked my video so I hugged him. Then I found Dick and suavely introduced myself like this: "Hi, I'm Shannon. I humped a giant mushroom dressed like a monkey and you put me on your guest list. Thanks." He said I should make a video for "Night Vision." I said maybe I will but it's gonna have to have a monkey head in it. Dick laughed at me. He still wants to marry me, I can tell. I said hi to Dequindre at the merch table, where I met Mike (inexperienced trailer backer) Dundon. He invited me to hang out but I was dying for pizza so I gave him my phone number instead. Tait? and The Colonel illuded me. Four out of six isn't too bad, but I really wanted to ask Tait? his opinion of Keytars. Oh well, next time.

I miss them.

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October 21, 2006

"Get off me. What are you doing, I'm trying to play the keyboards."

Only SIX more days until Electric Six.
This just in... Valentine inhales 9 pounds of feathers, requires tracheotomy.

Thank you, YouTube

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October 19, 2006

The Whole Music Club vs. The Angry Mob

The Whole Music Club in Coffman Union at the U of MN hosted "Making Music" with Andrew Bird last night. I got there about an hour early and there was already quite a long line. The mass of people hoping to get into the 150 capacity club quickly snaked down the hall, around the corner, down another hall, around another corner, to the end of the hall where it had to double back. One of the students running the show walked by taking a head count. The girl next to me asked where she was at and we were happy to hear 110. However my pessimism about getting in quickly returned when I realized crowd control was to consist of a small standing sign inserted into the line after the 150th person and and a shrug. It took about 45 seconds for someone to move the sign.

A couple arriving late paid two people behind me $40 for their place in line. About 15 minutes later they opened the doors and everyone from the back of the line (which because it had doubled back was closer to the Whole than the middle of line) decided to make a run for it. A girl started screaming, "They're cutting! They're cutting!" and things got ugly. At this point I was almost sure I wasn't getting in, but was stuck in a giant mass of pushing, angry people. I got about 5 people shy of getting in the door. That's when people started yelling. When the kid at the door announced he only had room for 5 more people an older woman demanded to be let in. I think the guy was scared of her so he agreed. Another old man then started yelling at the kid about security and organization and... all true, but I still felt bad for him. I looked back and the girl who had paid to cut in line was crying.

I didn't really get mad myself until I realized they had handed tickets to people as they went in the door. If they had just handed out the tickets to us while we were sitting in line, the whole mess could probably have been avoided. They hosted a free show by a popular artist in a very tiny club--they must have anticipated having too many people show up. Maybe I've just forgotten what it's like to be young and naive and believe that people will be nice. I'm sure they learned a valuable lesson about event planning last night.

I thought about sticking around for a few minutes to see if I could get in since I was so close, but decided that it wasn't worth taking my chances with the growing anger of the crowd of people behind me who didn't seem to be going anywhere. I'm curious to know how it all ended.

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October 14, 2006

Black Eyed Snakes

Black Eyed Snakes @ The Uptown Bar
October 13, 2006

Friday the 13th. I guess I didn't really expect to get paraskevidekatriaphobically whooped, but I didn't see so much as a batted eyelash, let alone any sort of misfortune or airborn lead singers.

Then again, openers My Valkyrie performed a really awful medly of "Sunshine of Your Love" and "Blitzkrieg Bop" at the end of their set. That had ill-fated written all over it.

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September 24, 2006

I love you, but I've chosen waffles.

Justin Roth vs. waffles, w/ modern chairs @ Minneapolis Institute of Arts
September 24, 2006

I thought I was going to be able to have brunch and watch Justin Roth perform at the same time. I was wrong. Two different cafes. It was a difficult choice, I haven't seen Justin for about six years. But .... Mmmmm. Waffles win! And we did still manage to catch the last hour of Justin's set after. He is still good. And still so nice--very understanding when I explained that my decision to run out of his show after only two songs to get waffles was purely pragmatic. Justin even sang about my waffles during "All Along the Watchtower." Although I should now confess that I didn't actually have waffles because I changed my mind at the last minute and ordered french toast (it came with blueberries instead of bananas.) I didn't realize my breakfast was so inspiring. I guess I should have given him the "long version" of the story, because now I've made a liar out of him. But, it was my intent to eat waffles and I think that is what matters most.

After the show we ran up to the modern design exhibit to visit the chairs. I probably haven't seen them for 15 years. They are still good too. I don't think they have an Eames Rocker. They should get one. I should get one.


Someday, when I'm incredibly wealthy and have more than 50 square feet of living space to put stuff in, I will have many fabulous chairs.

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September 8, 2006

Tour de Force

What would it be like if Shannon was (finally) an Electric Six video ho?

Ponder no longer:

Life's better already, isn't it?

UPDATE: I won!

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September 4, 2006

I Went Bananas

I went bananas the other day when I found Electric Six's new album in my inbox (thank you!). I had been "patiently" waiting for it's release on September 12th, but it was right there...I couldn't not listen. I'll buy the album when it comes out next Tuesday anyway. And so should all of you, because when Dick and I are hitched half of the 3 cents he makes off your sale will be mine. Despite what Pitchfork says, the album is superb. (And by the way, Pitchfork, none of Electric Six's songs have the word "Fire" in the title, thank you very much.)

The album speaks for itself, really. Here's what it says:

Top 5 Lyrics from Electric Six's new album, Switzerland, that are impossible not to sing along to:
"Sing everbody Deutsche Deutsche Vaya con dios amigos!"
"I only want to party with yoooooooooooou!"
"I went bananas when I spoke with you on the telephone!"
"And they Never Fly Away!"
"Hey now cheeky monkey! Take a ride on the dirty donkey!"


New motifs to watch for:
Going bananas
"I went bananas, when I spoke with you on the telephone"
"I go bananas / And everytime I see your face / I self destruct"
"Now there's a crowd outside demanding my resignation / And a policeman about to draw his gun"
"Evil policeman patrol the city / They look for somebody to kill"
"Policeman watching you / I see everything the policeman sees"
Venereal disease
"Looking to pick up a Japense venereal disease"
"Calling unprotected girls / Infected girls do it better"

Familiar themes are still present:
"And now the devil he plays guitar"
"I like you better when you're possessed by the devil"
"The band in hell plays all night long"
"Cos there's demons in you / And there's demons in me"
"You've got to climb the statue of the demon to get closer to God!"
"When you shine your evil light on me"
"Now I’m just a statue in the garden / Where your evil flowers grow"
"Evil policeman patrol the city / They look for somebody to kill"
"Another coal on the fire"
"Feels like a fire down below"
"Don't need no fire and no spark "
"I buy the drugs I light the fire"
"'Cos I'm a woman eating monster / With a suitcase full of fire and Pink Flamingos decorate my yard"
"One of these days I'm gonna burn the whole thing to the ground"
"Now there was a dancefloor / At the hottest nightclub in town"
"But the war has just begun"
"I wanna start a little war / Isn't that what this little red button here is for?"

Other noteworthy lyrics:
"Girls like you find guys like me and eat our vital organs"
"And everywhere I go / People ask me, 'Valentine / What's your recipe for love?' / My answer's always the same: Cook the hell out of it / And slice it"

Oh, and Dick Valentine--you owe me 74 cents for that self addressed stamped envelope that came back return to sender.

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August 31, 2006

Last thoughts on MTV

Hopefully the Internet really will kill the video star.
Who has had more plastic surgery, Axl Rose or Kenny Rogers?
I think I might have to go back to hating The Killers.
But not as much as I might have to hate Panic at the Disco.

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One of these things is not like the others...

One of these things just doesn't belong...

30 Seconds to Mars
Panic at the Disco
Lou Reed

Why, why, why didn't I listen to my remote control? Damn you MTV!

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MTV Video Music Awards 2006

I am afraid for the world. Thank God and MTV my ASSSSSSSSSSS!

Heros of the show included:
Those treadmills
That douchebag who thanked people for 15 minutes after winning "ringtone of the year"
Missy Elliot's Power Wheels breaking down on stage
the pelvis
and lastly... my remote control for turning it off early.

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August 26, 2006

The Flaming Lips

The Flaming Lips @ the Minnesota State Fair w/ Sonic Youth and the Magic Numbers
August 24, 2006

The Flaming Lips

I was afraid this show wasn't going to happen. After spending half the day wandering around the State Fair in a giant blue garbage bag (aka: emergency weather poncho) and hearing reports of strong winds and huge hail headed our way, I wasn't too optimistic when the sky opened up around 6:30pm and sent me running for my life into the Creative Activities building. But, by 7:30 the rain had stopped and the sun was even starting to peak through the clouds. It turned into a lovely evening, although it was too late for the Magic Numbers, who were unable to play as their gear had gotten soaked and the crew needed to clean up the stage. I ran around general admission and the grandstand for a while, glad I wasn't the man who had to squeegee the water off the top of the tent that covered the stage, then quickly wussed out and retreated to my seat (which was really good--right in the center, first row above general admission. )

Sonic Youth were Ok. I've never really been that into them, but they put on a good show. I felt very strongly that I had seen them before, but I don't think I have. Kim Gordon's dancing seemed so familiar, but I think I'm probably just confusing reality with an episode of "The Gilmore Girls."

The Flaming Lips were awesome. The show was similar to the NYE show I saw a couple years ago, but different enough. The space bubble is still awesome. There was no fake blood. Santas and dancing martians replaced the dancing plushies. Still plenty of confetti. After two songs Wayne let The Magic Numbers come out and play two songs. I think Wayne is probably one of the nicest people on earth. I've wanted him to be my neighbor ever since I watched that documentary "Fearless Freaks." I love that they’re not afraid to play "She Don't Use Jelly." And even better, that they aren't afraid to use the video of Tiffany Amber Theisen introducing their performance on "Beverly Hills 90210" as part of their video show. At the end of the night Wayne said that they had to go but that if we made enough noise the concert security might decide that if they didn't let them come back for an encore something dangerous might happen. Then he stressed that he didn't want us to be dangerous, just to sound dangerous. They closed with an impressive cover of Black Sabbath’s "War Pigs."

I took a little video of War Pigs and put it on YouTube:
Flaming Lips cover "War Pigs"

Part 2

More photos from the show and the State Fair (crop art, me watching Mallman in the rain at the MPR booth) are on Flickr.

Set list (from howwastheshow.com):


Race For The Prize
Free Radicals

Long Legs
Love Me Like You

Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots pt.1
Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots pt.2
Vein Of Stars
The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song
The W.A.N.D.
My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion
She Don't Use Jelly
Do You Realize??

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August 15, 2006

Clell Tickle

Melanie told me about this the other day.
Dave testified that it was "awesome."

Watch it or I'll kill your dog.

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August 13, 2006

Pizza Luce Block Party

32nd Street & Lyndale
August 12, 2006

I had big plans for the Pizza Luce Block Party. I was going to get a black eye from the Black Eyed Snakes. Ok, not really, but I've seen this band enough to know to keep my eye on Chicken Bone George. Dave and I rushed the stage early and staked out a spot only to get ousted by a security guard. It probably turned out for the best though--the security guard ended up getting harrassed by one of those thick-necked drunk fellas (TNDF) who always seems to find their way to to the stage by the third song. Security guy was doused with beer and he, more security, and a couple audience members (Patrick got a nice shove in) had to take TNDF down. Chicken Bone never left the stage. I can't blame him, we smelled terrible. Remember how bad sweat, cigarettes, and beer smell? Now add pizza sauce, crusty punks and overstyled uptown hipsters. Ew.

Photo swiped from Chuckumentary

I also saw Kill the Vultures, Cloud Cult, Belles of Skin City, Koalas, and Thunder in the Valley.

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August 7, 2006

Andrew Bird

Andrew Bird (special guests Martin Dosh & Haley Bonar)
w/ Chris Koza
August 4, 2006 @ MN Zoo

Last Thursday I decided to use my Raconteurs T-shirt money (the $20 I never had to spend due to laying out $15 for drinks to get a $2 cheeseburger) to instead by a ticket for Andrew Bird's concert at the zoo, which actually cost $24 (plus $5 to park). At Andrew Bird I bought a CD and a slushy instead of a shirt I wasn't planning on buying, saving myself a non-existent $2.75. Sunday I stopped by the downtown Marshall Field's one last time and I bought a shirt w/ birds all over it because it reminded me of the concert--it was a bargain at 20% off. My snowballing theories of thriftyness are going to be the death of me.

Photo swiped from A Palmful of Stars

Andrew Bird was really good. Man, can that guy whistle. I've managed to miss all his shows since he played the Turf with the Handsome Family several years before, so I figured I was due. I especially enjoyed his giant horn, which he explained had just recieved a fresh black and white stripey coat of paint.

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August 3, 2006

The Raconteurs

The Raconteurs @ First Avenue w/ Kelly Stolz
August 3, 2006

The Raconteurs might not be "Jack's band" but he surely can't complain about people who think it is if he's going to continue strutting around the stage like that. During "Broken Boy Soldiers" he knocked over his amp rocking too hard. Jack's pants might be plaid now, but they are still very tight. Jack Lawrence and Patrick were very good. I've seen the Greenhornes before, but I think my favorite "Little Jack" moment is still a few years ago when he was playing bass with Holly Golightly in the Entry. (During one of the songs he dropped to his knees before her and she just about cracked up. It was awesome.) Patrick played so hard, considering how hot is was in there, I'm surprised he didn't die. Brendan Benson is awesome. I'm glad people finally know who he is. Surely by now he must be able to afford food? He should eat something. Maybe an ice cream cone, or a big fatty steak?

Raconteurs live at First Avenue

Photo swiped from Shapememory

The club was packed. I was feeling a bit under the weather, so I found a spot right behind the sound board so that I could sit on the steps between Kelly Stolz and The Raconteurs. Plus it was so hot in there it was nice to only be surrounded by people on three sides. Also, you can see really well from there and I got to peak at the sound guy's set list. The crowd seemed pretty low-key. I think one person bothered to crowd surf during the last song, but that was it. You just never know with sold-out, 18+, 105 sponsored shows. People really seemed to like the "Crazy" cover. Word on the street had been that Jack was at the Gnarls Barkley show on Wednesday, which he confirmed. It is quite a catchy song.

I believe they played their entire album minus "Call It a Day" plus "It Ain't Easy" (Bowie) "Bang Bang" (Nancy Sinatra), "Crazy" (Gnarls Barkley), and a new ? song called "5 on the 5."

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July 30, 2006


I just impulsively bought this:


So, this week's song is Grant's cover of "Age of Consent."

It reminds me of 1994 more than the 80s, the "good old days" when the "only things" I needed to be happy were hoodie sweatshirts and my Mighty Joe Moon CD. Not that things these days are all that shabby. Two thousand and six is a pretty good year so far. It's a little too hot for hoodie sweatshirts lately, but Grant Lee Phillips is still quite good.

The album includes covers of 80s songs by The Pixies, New Order, Joy Division, Robyn Hitchcock, Echo and the Bunnymen, Psychedelic Furs, The Church, Nick Cave, R.E.M., The Cure, and The Smiths

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July 28, 2006

Having Urine Put On Your Face Is Probably Not As Bad As We Thought

And other important life lessons from Wayne Coyne...

Not sharing this with you would be like throwing a hotdog to try to stop a tornado. You get the same damage done, only now everything is covered with meat and mustard.

2006 OKC Classen Commencement Speech Part 1 of 2
2006 OKC Classen Commencement Speech Part 2 of 2

I still wish Wayne was my neighbor.

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Pulling the Plug on the Party

Turns out that debate over how much facial hair Phil needed on his drawing of The Colonel was important after all.

Phil of electricsixyrics.co.uk made a pretty cool flash video for "Pulling The Plug on the Party." It's full of nice touches like turkeys falling out of airplanes and fires in discos. I'm not in this video either, by the way.

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July 21, 2006

"I Buy the Drugs" Video revealed

That video I'm not in is up on YouTube. Someday, when it's right, I'll get my chance to have a pillow fight with Dick Valentine.

It's no "Danger! High Voltage" but it's fun. Except for that green screen stuff--they could have left that out.

Also, "Mr. Woman" and "Infected Girls" are up on My Space.

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July 15, 2006

Langhorne Slim / Macy's Day of Music

Having missed Langhorne Slim the last two times he was in town, and resolved to be nicer to opening bands, I got to the Triple Rock early on Friday. There were maybe 10 other people there, so perhaps I was too early. At a quiet point in the show, opener The Evening Rig was almost drown out by the groans and grunts coming from the bar'sTekken video game.

Langhorne Slim took the stage soon after along with this drummer and bassist, Malachi and Paul. They also seemed a little disappointed by the low turnout (maybe 40-50 people there?), joking that he was happy to be there but even happier that we were there. I was surprised at the small crowd as well, but he had some pretty stiff competition this weekend. I think a lot of people were at the Aquatenial Block Party for the free Semisonic reunion. But, those of us that were there were very enthusiastic. Slim played several songs from his album and EP, as well as a few that I had never heard.

Langhorne Slim @ Triple Rock

He didn't play his "baby in the air" song. I'd like to put that on a disc of "inappropriate lullabies" for my friend Susan who is about to have a baby. I'll have to look for that one.

After Langhorne Slim I rode my bike down to Orchestra Hall and caught the end of the Melismatics, The New Standards, Low, and A Whisper In the Noise. On the ride home Tim and I rang our bike bells at hoodlums out on the street. They swore at us.


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July 13, 2006

Keeping the Medics Busy

So I heard that people were jumping (not lowering themselves, but jumping) out of the balcony at Roy Wilkins during a recent Slayer Concert. My coworker's nephew reported that a girl standing next to him near the front was in tears for the whole show. He assumed she was overraught with emotion, but it turns out she had fractured her leg.

For the record, I would not break my leg for Dick Valentine. I danced with a foot cramp once, but a leg fracture is another matter. I guess it's a good thing I don't like Slayer.

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July 8, 2006

Rocking the Suburbs

Electric Six @ MN Zoo
July 7, 2006

Electric Six put on a really great show tonight at the MN Zoo. Dick was in top form--he was very chatty and all the pushups / dance moves were employed full force, including some new moves straight out of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video. Which was sort of fitting because the audience might have been dead. At least until some poor DJ introduced the Psychedelic Furs as the Electric Furs. Then they turned a little undead.

And the Crowd Went Mild...
The crowd goes wild... This was during the show. I'm not kidding.

Electric Six opened with "Improper Dancing" which I really wasn't ready for. I had snuck down to the front row, but wasn't ready to dance yet, let alone dance improperly. I don't really have any moves, rather just end either jerking my hips uncomfortably or flailing around like Kermit at the beginning of the Muppet Show. I guess I could have pulled out the "Monkey Dance" seeing how I was at the zoo, but since I was completely sober I thought better of it. Still after a song or two I couldn't control myself anymore. In reality I was probably barely twitching, but to me I was dancing. At the very least I was standing up.

Valentine explained that they had been "hand-picked" by the Psychedelic Furs to open for them and how this was a "tremendous opportunity" for them. He mentioned the Replacements and Soul Asylum, then I just about died when he said it's good to be here in Minnesota, Apple Valley, off of Johnny Cake Road--after the show we're going to purify ourselves in the water of Lake Minnetonka.

Electric Six
A giant pot of flowers and good manners were all that separated me from the band.

After wowing the suburbanites witih "Naked Pictures (of your mother)" and a new song about changing your gender midlife, Valentine treated us to an anti-Bush (BUUUUUUSSSSSSHHHHH! ) rant before "Rock and Roll Evacuation" in which he painted a future world of Bushes for us: Jeb Bush, then some other Bush, years later spermatozoa Bush. Maybe even one of us ladies could carry a Bush someday, he suggested... then he screamed something along the lines of "Can you imagine if Gore was president right now? We'd all be speaking freaking Arabic!!!! " and keeled over. It was brilliant. This was pretty much met with the same blank stares that the entire show got. So, he said that politics weren't funny, not unless you were from Minnesota and had elected a professional wrestler governor. Touche.

After their set the band pretty much vanished. I guess I can't blame them. I was sort of hoping Valentine would come out and profess his love for me, but it was not to be. Oh well. I'll get him in October--8th time's the charm.

The Psychedelic Furs were really old. They made me wonder what I would be doing 25 years from now, in a bad way. And they wore lots of black to match their dyed hair. We stayed for four or five songs at which point I swear I had heard one twice so we took off and went Psycho Suzie's for pizza & vodka. Yum. After a few slices, PJ had a vision of my future in which I was in a delivery room about to have a baby and Dick Valentine was doing pushups next to my bed. Every once in a while he would stop and yell "PUUUUUUSSSSSHHHHH!"

Set List (not in order):
Improper Dancing
Danger High Voltage
Naked Pictures (of Your Mother)
Mr. Woman?
Gay Bar
Devil Nights
Future Boys
Future is In the Future
Rock and Roll Evacuation
Dance Commander

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July 7, 2006

Who's excited for tonight's Electric Six Show? Raise your hands!


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July 4, 2006

How I Did Not Spend My Summer Vacation

How I did not spend my summer vacation:

I didn't see this (sexy glasses):

Or this:

It doesn't sound like there was as many people there as I thought there would be. But, I guess it was everything your frat party video shoot should be: cheerleaders, shirtless frat boys, beer bongs, keg stands, sweater vests.

I can't wait to see how it turned out. At one point Dick said they wanted to make a video for every song on the album. I think they should film the next one in Minneapolis. It could be "sitting on the deck drinking too much wine and doing log rolls down the hill" themed. I'd be really good at that.

Video shoot photos are from here: http://s51.photobucket.com/albums/f358/poopcan3000/
There are more photos, but be warned: this guy likes pervy animated gifs and possibly, Flock of Seagulls.

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June 26, 2006

I Buy the Drugs

If only I wasn't poor and/or disinclined to ride in a car for 14 hours... If only! I bet Electric Six could really use a girl who knows how to slide across a dance floor on her knees?

Have you ever wanted to be in pictures?

Sounds like the rest of the band might finally make it into a video?

DETROIT, Michigan, June 26 -- Have you ever watched the video for "Gay Bar" and thought, "I'd make a better Abraham Lincoln than Valentine?" Maybe you think that your presence in the "Dance Commander" video would have salvaged it from being the visual monument to mediocrity that it is today? Maybe you wish it was YOU that was a woman in her sixties and wearing flashing underwear in the "Danger! High Voltage" video? If you've ever had any of these thoughts run through your mind, and you live in the Detroit area, have we got a deal for you!

Electric Six is shooting a video on Saturday, July 1, and we need extras. The video is for a song off the forthcoming album "Switzerland," entitled "I Buy The Drugs." We need lots and lots of extras, as this is to be something of a "party video." So, if you've always wanted to share space with John R. Dequindre, or grab the funny hat off Tait Nucleus' head, you'll want to come to the following location this weekend:

Fraternity House Wayne State
1 block West of Woodward & the cross street of Canfield)
4251 Cass Avenue
Detroit, MI 48201

All extras should show up at 8pm at the location above: Please call
Pete by Friday 5pm to confirm times and location @ 313-231-0877

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June 20, 2006

tapes n tapes n video

Via YouTube

Quicktime video available at ClipTip

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June 18, 2006

Killing Themselves to Live

Chuck Klosterman and Mark Mallman @ 7th Street Entry
w/ Grant Hart
June 17, 2006

Part 2 of the "Juneteenth has overtaken my neighborhood and the police have built baracades across all roads leading to my house so I can't go home" tour of things to keep me busy Saturday.

It was raining when I got to the Entry at 5:30 and there was a fairly good sized line of people waiting to get in. I was afraid I was going to get soaked only to get turned away at the door. I was also afraid I was going to get soaked and have to stand around inside damp. Just then a nice guy offered to share his umbrella with myself and the people behind me if he could jump in line. Absolutely! Once inside I sat in the back for a while, but water kept dripping on me so I moved. Mid-way through Grant Hart's set, what seemed like quite a lot of water suddenly poured in from the ceiling near the merch counter.

Klosterman took the stage shortly after six and opened the show by reading a passage from his book, Killing Yourself to Live. His voice reminded me of Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons. Mallman countered with a medley/duet of "Smells Like Team Spirit" and "Killing Me Softly" with Joanna James.

Mallman and Klosterman went back and forth--Chuck pontificating on dead rockers and Mallman singing songs by or about dead rockers. Mallman's songs included a live mash-up of "Killing Yourself to Live" & " Devil Inside" as well as "Rock 'n Roll Suicide," "Lilac Wine," "These Days," a few songs I'm forgetting, and "La Bamba." He closed with "My Way."


Then I was off to Lisa's 30th birthday party. Susan is next... then we are all "old."

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June 15, 2006

Steady As She Goes

via YouTube

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June 13, 2006

Too Wet to Plow

I "crashed" a wedding last Saturday to see my friend's "band" play. They were pretty good. I only hesitate to call them a band because it would imply that they have embraced some sort of organization or have aspirations for rock stardom. I think they eventually settled on the name "Too Wet to Plow," which plays homage to the rural farm environment they grew up in, yet still sounds dirty enough for rock. While at the wedding dance, I was struck by the irresistable (not alcohol induced) urge to see if I could slide across the dance floor on my knees. I thought I'd hit the parquet and come to a screeching halt but it totally worked (fyi, I was wearing pants.) Too much fun.

Too Wet To Plow

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May 28, 2006

I had the fever, where the hell was the cowbell?

HowWasTheShow.com's 4th Anniversary Party @ Turf Club
featuring Alva Star, White Light Riot, The Alarmists, Stook and The Debut
May 27, 2006

Don't misunderstand, this show was really fun. But, I really did have a fever. Cowbell probably wouldn't have helped, but I would have been fun to test.

Thanks to howwastheshow.com for the free button and earplugs. My photos from this show didn't turn out either, but I'm sure there will be plenty online shortly. There's a review of the show at (where else) howwastheshow.com.

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May 23, 2006

I Got Married By Captured! By Robots

Captured! By Robots @ Triple Rock
Monday, May 22nd, 2006

Ok, I didn't really get married.

But, after years of conflicts and good intentions, I finally got my ass to the Triple Rock to see Captured! By Robots. I can hardly believe it took me so long--the band is made of robots for goodness sake! I love robots! Friend turnout for the show was higher than usual--PJ, Scott, and Chris all came out, plus I ran into Paul from Rhetoric.

This tour, JBot, or Rabbi JBotstein, got ordained by the Universal Church of Peace and Love and married several couples during the concert. Wedding cake was graciously provided by Jaybot and the Triple Rock, which I ate with Paul "wedding style." He's lucky I was drinking ginger ale or he probably would have got a face full of frosting. Smashing cake in someone's face just seems like it has to be fun--damn me and my self control.

Jaybot is quite a versitile performer and popular wedding reception songs peppered the evening's musical selections--Don't Stop Believin', White Wedding, Superfreak, Unchained Melody, Hot Hot Hot, It's Not Unusual, YMCA and Brickhouse to name a few.

My photos of the show didn't really turn out, but here's GTRBOT666, admirable for it's rather foul mouth. All the bots were dressed up in snappy formal wear for the wedding, but that didn't stop them from making jokes about substituting rectal rings for wedding rings.


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Art-a-Whirl 2006

As Susan and I headed out to Art-a-Whirl this year, it looked like rain. I pretty much get rained on every year, so I was pleasantly surprised when it turned into a lovely day. We saw a lot of bad overpriced art and some good overpriced art. I made Susan a drawing of her family, Yoda, and a giant carrot. Saw the young Bob Dylan photo exhibit at the Icebox Gallery. By the time I found the modestly priced robot paintings most of them were sold. I bought a screen print called "General Disappointment 2" from a nice boy who told us it was the first one he did. It reminded my of Monty Python. I also got an "I love robots" button. "Celebrity" sightings included Mike Gunther at Danish Teak Classics, Mark Wheat at his wife's pottery studio, and Dave L. driving away from Logan park after the pillowfight I wish I had known about. We got distracted by the crepes stand on 13th on the way to the 331 club and missed the first bit of Lonesome Dan, but got there in time to see the end. I also saw a pair of twins that inexplicably gave me the creeps. Twins normally don't phase me, but there was something off about these two. They were kind of like those ghost twins from The Shining, except male, adult, tall, and with asymetrical haircuts. So nothing like the ghost twins, but still... ***shivers***

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May 11, 2006

I suddenly regret sabotaging all my past relationships

Dick? Anyone? Meet me May 22nd at the Triple Rock.


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May 7, 2006

May Day Parade 2005

Powderhorn Park, Minneapolis
May 7, 2006


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"Cha Cha to the Mother Fucking Cha"

Supersuckers @ The Cabooze
May 6, 2006

Having convinced my friend to give Kid Dakota a try on Friday, it was my turn to try something new on Saturday. After getting taken for a ride (literally and figuratively) by our cab driver--I think he managed to cross 94 at least three times on the short trip from my house to the Cabooze--we arrived just in time to have a drink, for me to do something uncharacteristic of my nature, and to see the Supersuckers take the stage.

The first half of the set was more country with Eddie Spaghetti on acoustic guitar and Rontrose Heathman on electric. Eddie ended every song with "cha cha cha." The second half with the full band was considerably more raucous. I learned how to properly give the sign of the devil, the middle finger, and trust my fist into the air during the second half. I wasn't that crazy about the Cabooze, but I would definitely see the Supersuckers again.

Eddie said he was starting a new religion, Awesomeolgy, to be headed by "L. Ron" Rontrose Heathman. I'm putting awesomeology on my list of potential future religions along with Pastafarianism.

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May 6, 2006

Kid Dakota

Kid Dakota @ Turf Club
May 5, 2006

Shame on whoever was giving out free maracas for Cinco de Mayo.

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April 26, 2006

Give me the gas and touch me with your rubber gloves


Who knew that Tyler Spencer made a solo record? Not me! This is an exciting discovery and I must give thanks to the people who did and generously shared it with me.

I'm working my way through the tracks. It's different, but there's definitely some Dick in there. Stand out lyrics include:

And she has the international symbol for radiation/ Flashing in her eyeballs/ Crashing down like waterfalls/ I never heed the warning/ I’m always dead by morning

My lover is a Chinese restaurant/ Every Monday night I can eat all I want

Now I’m loitering outside the high school/ With a metal detector/ And a tub of Vaseline

Give me the gas and touch me with your rubber gloves

Ahhhh, yes. I especially like that in the notes, he thanks Chris Peters (aka Dequindre) for driving him to Taco Bell so that he could try a chalupa. This may very well inspire a new mp3 of the week feature.

[cover art]
[everything you wanted to know about Dick Valentine but didn't know who to ask]

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April 21, 2006

Signs of the Apocalypse, Continued...

The world is rolling over and strange things are afoot.

For example, in the past week I have learned that Electric Six will be returning to the Twin Cities in July, and they will be playing at... The Minnesota Zoo. Also, the Flaming lips will be passing through to play... the Minnesota State Fair? I wonder who will step up to play Taste of Minnesota?

Also, I recently realized that I no longer hate The Killers. I still really dislike the song "Somebody Told Me" but other than that I've grown pretty indifferent. I've decided to hate She Wants Revenge to fill the void. And I still hate Teagan And Sarah, so all is not lost.

Ironically, that horrible thing way too many people thought would end life as we know it has turned out to be not that bad. At least in execution. Although personally it reminds me a bit too much of Michel Gondry to not be directed by Michel Gondry. Now there's your crime.

I think the lesson to be learned here is: start stocking up on water and tuna because the bird flu is going to get us all. Actually, I think I'm going to hoard canned chicken because it'd be funnier. Plus I hate fish. I don't want to spend my last days on earth eating fish.

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Tapes n Elvis n Getting Sick off the Hot Sauce

Tapes n Tapes @ Hexagon Bar
w/ Miss Fairchild, Solid Gold
April 20, 2006

Alcohol. Such a duplicitous beast. If I hadn't had that drink I could have left during Miss Fairchild. (It's not good when you can tell you're not going to like the band before they even start playing.) On the other hand, if I hadn't been forced to stay for Miss Fairchild, I would have missed Tapes n Tapes (billed as Elvis vs. Elvis.) On a normal evening I probably would have flaked out and left early, but around midnight my mantra quickly became a determined, "I didn't stay up past my bedtime for this shit." So--I stayed until 2am. And Tapes n Tapes were great. I'd like to seem them again some place I could hear them better.

But, back to Miss Fairchild for a minute. Everyone seemed to like them but Dave and PJ and I. Which was odd, because we hated them. I guess they tried hard. And the flute was different. But.... Seriously, DJ P. Nice? Are you kidding me? And the cheesy props?!? Last night I kept dreaming that Prince joined the Lollypop Guild. Thank God I only had 4 hours to sleep until I had to get up for work.

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April 16, 2006

No such thing as dragonfly pills

Low @ High Noon Saloon, Madison, Wi w/ The Keep Aways

I decided to suffer the car ride and travel to Madison this past Friday to see Low at the High Noon Saloon and it was definitely worth it. They looked like the were having a good time. Alan asked mid-way through the show if anyone had anything to get off their chests, but no one had anything to say besides Happy Easter / Passover. Someone yelled out for "Sunshine" so Alan started playing the traditional lullaby version, which prompted someone to yell for "Are you Sleeping" and he obliged.

During the encore, Alan said they had to decide what songs to play and everyone started screaming requests until he said something like "no, I meant, WE are going to decide." They pulled out a giant light machine for the encore. Alan plugged it and everyone cheered, then the plug came loose and everyone says "Awww" so he plugs it back in we cheer and it he unplugs it and plugs it a few times to see if we'll keep going, which of course we do. For the last song, Mimi turned on a strobe light, which probably would have been cool if I hadn't been standing right in front of it.

I did miss Zak a little. He could turn his back to the audience for the half the show and you'd still want to watch him. Matt is quite good, but he just isn't as intense.

Opening band, the Keep Aways, didn't seem to be recieved very well. They aren't bad, but I don't think they're a very good fit with Low. Most everyone stayed outside until Low took the stage, but to be fair, I should mention that the club was having problems with their AC for a while and it was quite hot inside.

What I can remember of the set list, not in the correct order:
(That's How You Sing) Amazing Grace
Silver Rider
Violent Past
Sunshine (not like the album)
Are You Sleeping (continuing the lullaby theme)
Everybody's Song
When I go Deaf
Laser Beam
In the Drugs
Breaker (Retribution Gospel Choir)

And at least two others I can't recall... I think one was Condescend.

I found some photos (not mine) from the show on Flickr: http://flickr.com/photos/stephaniesays/sets/72057594108849077/

The High Noon Saloon was pretty cool. I would definitely go there again, especially since Madison apparently has a smoking ban too.

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April 9, 2006


Dirtbombs @ 7th Street Entry w/ Black Lips, Chooglin
April 8, 2006

I went to this show solo, which is never a good idea because it gives me too much free time to sit and think of ways to irritate myself. I can be a cranky snob if given an opportunity to stew. With that disclaimer, opening band the Black Lips didn't really impress me. I could sum up their performance with the phrase, "Can I get more [blah] in my monitor" but then I wouldn't get to dwell on how their guitarist (the one who with the 70s gay porn mustache wearing a bedazzled purple smock, not the one bitching about Canada who had metal teeth) kept spitting on himself accidentally. Ick. So after more guitar in that monitor and more vocals in this monitor and ... just play already... Stache and Grill suddenly met center stage and kissed. I suppose I was meant to be SHOCKED, but I had already used all that up watching Stache play half a song trying to shake off the giant misdirected glob of phlegm stuck to his cheek.

Betwen sets I kept my earplugs in, but still managed to overhear a girl tell her friend, "The Dirtbombs are awesome, and if I like them you know they are good. I have great taste, I know about music.... hey they have two drummers? I didn't know that."

So, the Dirtbombs... They have two drummers. Two Bassists. One Mick. The show was hot and the Dirtbombs sweat top down, except for Ben, who perspired sides in toward his heart. They earn their money. And I had to pick broken glass out of my boot after the show, which pretty much proves I must have had fun in spite of myself.

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April 8, 2006

From the diaphragm, not the throat...

Eugene Hutz teaches us how to scream.

Gogol Bordello @ The Fine Line w/ Dub Trio & Vox
April 7, 2006

A last minute decision found me at the Gogol Bordello show Friday at the Fine Line. I didn't know much about the band except for a review I vaguely remember that mentioned they put on a very energetic live show.

My first reaction was "Hmmm, where are the props? How can you have an energetic live show without the props." (Wayne Coyne's space ball has totally ruined me.) My second reaction was "I get it, and thank God I did not rush the stage tonight." Normally I figure, if you are going to go to the concert you really should GO to the concert. However, my lingering case of dickvalentinosis (seriously, this cold will not die) made me think a better place for me was in the balcony. Plus I was with my short friend, which is always a good excuse to be a sissy. Regardless, the balcony was absolutely the right decision--Holy Crap. The crowd on the floor (not just close to the stage, but pretty much the whole floor) started seething before the band even got on stage. I found a pretty good spot to stand, and from my point of view, I got an eyeful. Watching the crowd was almost as fun as watching the band. I kept a mental tally.

Number of :
fans waving Ouji board above head through entire concert = 1
fan holding LP over head through entire concert = 1
body surfers / stage divers = lost count
people who got on stage and didn't know what to do with themselves = 4
people who got on stage and overstayed their welcome = 3+
on stage who seemed to think the band would stop to talk to her in the middle of their song = 1
on stage dressed like gypsy with too much self-esteem = 1
persons who did a flawless forwards flip off the stage and was carried away by the crowd = 1
percent of persons whose leaps from stage most likely resulted in a physical injury to self or others = 75%
band members who surfed the crowd = 3
band members named Pamela who surfed the crowd riding / banging a giant drum = 1
girl reporting next day via myspace that she broke her foot dancing = 1

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March 31, 2006

Every Show I've Ever Been To

I have caught a cold that has sent me prematurely running back to the couch. Not even pretending I got it from Dick Valentine is making me feel better. (What's the incubation period for dickvalentinosis? Four days?) To occupy my time I've decided to try to remember EVERY SHOW I'VE EVER BEEN TO. An impossible task, yes, but I'm going to try anyway. I started by making a list of every ticket stub I've held on to over the years. (I keep them in a vintage English biscuit tin under the microwave!) Now I'm filling in the shows from venues without tickets as best as I can remember, mining old emails, gigposters.com, howwastheshow.com, the wayback machine at archive.org and uber-show-archivist Kidneybingos's list for clues. I'm missing a lot of dates. It's definitely a work in progress. See any glaring omissions? Big errors? I need help--tips are welcome!

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March 25, 2006

I was so ready for the sucky sucky.

Electric Six @ First Avenue
March 24, 2006

Having been in hibernation (mostly) since early December, I have to say there was no better way to start spring and my return to society with a show by Electric Six. Yes, that certainly woke me up.

I wish I could say a few words about openers, The Fever, but unfortunately I have no opinion of them as I encountered Dick Valentine near the merch booth at the start of their set and it caused me to bounce up and down so intensely that I was rendered temporarily deaf (valen-tinnitus.) It also rendered me temporarily oblivious to the fact that after I gave Mr. Valentine his leave, Scott continued to speak with him for some time. I'm not sure what they talked about but when I went back to grab him Dick said, "She's back. You're Shannon. Is that your husband?" I quickly blurted out "NO! Just a friend! I'm single!"

Later, before the band played "Rock and Roll Evacuation," Valentine announced that he had been talking to a very powerful lobbyist before the show and had asked him if there was any way to stop Bush. Or something like that... Of course, that lobbyist is Scott, and of course Scott didn't even hear it. Isn't that the way it always goes? If anyone finds a recording of last night's show, drop me a line.

The show was fabulous. I can't remember the set list but they opened and closed with "Improper Dancing," squeezing the rest of the show between STOP! and CONTINUE! They played "Future is in the Future" and "I'm the Bomb," which made me happy, but did not play "Synthesizer" or "She's Guatemalan," which made me sad. No surprise, they didn't play "Honolulu." Great surprise, they covered Stevie Nicks's "Stand Back" which I must say never sounded so good.

Lastly, I'd like to extend a big thank you to Tyler Spencer for granting me that photo with Dick Valentine. You made my day. I hope your cold gets better soon. The band's scabies too.

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Shannon (3(vodka)) + Dick Valentine = Pure glee

My middle name is girl who cried photoshopped wolf. But I SWEAR this one is real:

Thank you Dave, for taking the photo. [more]

And thank you Scott (aka "very powerful lobbyist" ) for stealing my imaginary boyfriend right after this photo was taken.

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March 24, 2006

Last one, I promise...


hours till Electric Six!

See you all there. Maybe I'll whip up a "Frivolous Six" t-shirt?

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March 23, 2006

Sweet Jesus!


more day until Electric Six!

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March 22, 2006

Holy Cow!


days until Electric Six!

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March 21, 2006



days until Electric Six.

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March 15, 2006

Shannon & Marilyn Manson: Down to 3 degrees of separation

I didn't know you could be a rock photographer and still live in Minneapolis. Turns out you can.


I told him I wanted to marry Dick Valentine, just in case he ever finds himself as Electric Six's photographer. It's all about networking.

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February 7, 2006

Graphic Noise

Last Thursday, PJ and I went down to the Fitzgerald to see "Graphic Noise Live," Mark Wheat's Q&A session with Jeff Kleinsmith and Jay Ryan. It wasn't terribly informative, but it was entertaining enough to justify the cover charge of free. Perhaps they used up all the interesting questions at the earlier lecture at MCAD? Or maybe it was just that Jeff and Jay were a bit cheeky and Mark is a bit of a dork? It's hard to get people to talk about their work I imagine. Something about talking about art about music at the home of "A Prairie Home Companion" was a bit surreal. Asking Jay Ryan to explain the thought process behind his poster consisting of a man being assaulted by cartoon badgers was wierd. Thinking a laser pointer would help was a little ridiculous. The presentation was to be recorded. I imagine it's up somewhere on The Current's website.

Maybe more exciting is that after all these years, I finally ate at Mickey's Diner. It was pretty tasty, but I smelled like grease for the rest of the night. Next time I will sit farther away from the grill.

Friday I went to MCAD to see the actual Graphic Noise exhibit. It was pretty impressive.


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January 20, 2006

Speaking of Electric Six...

Can you believe my fake album cover did not win the fake album cover contest? I was robbed.


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December 11, 2005

Just Like Christmas

Low @ First Avenue, December 9, 2005
w/ Trampled By Turtles

Not only did I get a lovely spot at a table thanks to my friend Kathy, but I remembered to bring my camera. And I think I only heard two shushers the whole evening!


It was cool to hear some of the Christmas songs live. (Plus Alan sang a bit of "Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel" for a fan who wished him a happy Hanukkah.) There were several pine trees on stage which looked a lot festive and a little Duluth. For the first third of the show you couldn't really hear the "choir" singing behind Low, but when they returned for the last third and "Happy Xmas (War is Over)" they really belted it out. Having all those extra people on stage must have helped take the pressure off Zach's replacement, Matt. Although you couldn't help but notice things have changed. Especially since Matt's sweater was bright red.


Trampled By Turtles opened the show with a short but frenzied set.

Setlist (I think):
One Special Gift
Long Way Around the Sea
Little Drummer Boy
If You Were Born Today
Blue Christmas
Taking Down The Tree
Santa's Coming Over
Amazing Grace
In the Drugs
Merry Xmas (War is Over)
Last Snowstorm of the Year
Don't Carry it All

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November 20, 2005

Detroit Cobras

November 18th @ Triple Rock

Rachel said Minneapolis, once we reined in our violence, was one of the more enjoyable stops on their tour.

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November 3, 2005

This song is about when your car turns into a boat...

Still from New Orleans:
Quintron and Miss Pussycat @ 7th Street Entry
November 2, 2005

quintron.jpg Opener, Harry Merry, was one of the more puzzling acts I've seen. I'll be nice and just say I didn't get it. Much in the same way I don't get Deerhoof. Although, making a comparison like that is not really fair to Deerhoof.

Quintron and Miss Pussycat were amazing, of course. I don't remember the title of the puppet show, but the plot went like this: A couple of cave men build a house then accidentally burn it down. One of the cavemen adopts a pet skunk and gives it a candy cane and a bath. The skunk tells the cavemen that since they are good at construction, they should build a bar so that they can meet women. They do, the women come to dance, and presumably they all live happily ever after.

Next up was the dance party with Mr. Quintron. PJ noted that they seemed more aggressive than usual. I can't imagine what they have to be worked up about? (Katrina really did turn the Spellcaster Lodge into an underwater dance club. I guess they lost almost everything. Their PayPal id is rhinestonerecords@hotmail.com should anyone want to send them money.) Miss Pussycat really stole the show. Quintron didn't feature the Drum Buddy as much this time around, but the songs they played from their new album, Swamp Tech, were really good.

One of these days I'm going to remember to bring my camera with.

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November 1, 2005

Trend Watch: Theremin

Oct. 23, 2005: Polara / MPR Guest Session Sundays @ Fitgerald Theatre
Oct. 30, 2005: The Hopefuls / MPR Guest Session Sundays @ Fitgerald Theatre

Friends with free tickets are the best friends to have. The Fitzgerald Theatre is pretty nice; I'd never been there before. There wasn't much of an audience for the Polara show but I had a nice time. I guess it's hard to get people to pay twenty-something dollars to sit in a chair to see a local band on a Sunday night. The highlight of the show was watching one of the guests, Dan?, play the theremin. It was very mad wizard.

I got to play with a theremin at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago a few months ago. It was in the "Robots Like Us" room and was a ton of fun. I looked to see how much it would cost to buy one, but they're like $300. Oh well. I'll put it on the list of things I can't justify purchasing (right under musical saw, a giant taxidermic marlin to hang over my bed, and having my underarm hair lasered off.)

The crowd for the Hopefuls was larger. It was a good show. They had this crazy dancing guy planted in the audience that was sort of like Will Ferrell as choreographed by Bob Fosse. I'm not sure about the pack of screaming girls in the first balcony though. They seemed a bit contrived, but I'm afraid they were for real. Maybe I just don't get it? The Hopefuls are fun, but I'd much rather see their individual bands. I did really enjoy the dueling drum bits with Peter Anderson and... the other guy. It reminded me of the Dirtbombs. John Hermanson had a keytar, which was entertaining. But more importantly--he had a theremin.

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October 29, 2005

Went In To the Electric Fetus to Buy a Calla Ticket, Left Obsessed with Langhorne Slim

Calla @ 7th Street Entry
Thursday, October 27, 2005

Calla was great. Why there were so few people there I do not know.

More importantly, last Saturday while I was at the Electric Fetus buying my ticket for the Calla show (a preventative measure against last minute decisions to stay home and lay on the couch), I finally bought Langhorne Slim's new CD. I first saw Mr. Slim back in the Spring of 2003 when he opened for the Trachtenburg Family Slide Show Players. I liked him very much but haven't seen him since. My crush on him has been lying dormant for the last 2 1/2 years, but not anymore. I figure Langhorne Slim embodies just about everything I need in a celebrity crush: guitar, old hat, fake name.


It's been a while, but I do remember that he had a very expressive face. Hopefully he'll come back to Minneapolis soon. While I wait, you can watch a little video (he's at the end about 18:15).

Anyway, the CD is great. Langhorne Slim can call me Mama anytime he likes.

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September 27, 2005

Are you ready for ROCKTOBER FEST?!

Things I might get off the couch for this month:

Oct. 1--Mark Mallman @ the Entry
Oct. 2--Billy Nayer Show @ the Triple Rock (never seen the band but their movie, The American Astronaut, is hysterically funny)
Oct. 6--Captured by Robots @ the Triple Rock (never seen them either, but the band is robots, so how can that not be cool?)
October 7th - October 16th Sound Unseen Music and Movie Festival
Oct. 12--Mike Doughty @ First Ave.
Oct. 13--Retribution Gospel Choir @ Triple Rock
Oct. 15--Chairkickers label showcase @ 331 Club
Oct. 19--LCD Soundsystem @ First Ave.
Oct. 22--New Pornographers @ First Avenue
Oct. 24--Jonnathan Richman @ Turf Club
Oct. 27--Calla @ the Entry
Oct. 31--Halloween

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August 29, 2005

The White Stripes

August 26-27 @ The Orpheum

Worth every penny! Friday I sat up in the balcony and met a guy from Okabogi. He looked at me really weird when I said, "oh yeah, the lake with the aliens right?" How could he not know about the aliens? Anyway, I had really good seats--right in the front center balcony.

I think Saturday probably rocked a little bit harder. I was on the floor surrounded by happy dancing people though, so that could have contributed to the mood. Of course it also could have been the pirate hats Jack and Meg were wearing or the fact that Jack was taking Polaroids throughout the show and whipping them into the audience. He even got one up into the balcony. Man's got some arms. So far I've seen scans of two of them. This one was snagged by a lucky guy from Winnipeg.


Jack thanked Dwight Yoakam for coming to the show right after the first break and directed the spotlight towards a red, white, and black decked cowboy in the balcony. It probably really was him--I think he was supposed to be playing somewhere near the eye of the hurricane that night.

There are some good pictures of the Saturday show here here.

Actually, the real reason Saturday seemed better than Friday was probably my new Megbot t-shirt:


Only nostalgia prevents me from declaring Saturday the "best show ever" ... it was really really good.

Friday's setlist:
Black math
dead leaves
passive manipulation
blue orchid
when i hear my name
party of special things to do
I wanna be the boy
death letter
hotel yorba
pretty good looking
hello operator
i think i smell a rat riff
the nurse
forever for her
denial twist
cold cold night
offend in every way
black jack davey
passive manipulation
little ghost
red rain
bound to pack it up
ugly as i seem
we're going to be friends
encore break
hardest button
7 nation army
boll weevil

Saturday's setlist:
When I Hear My Name
Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground
Blue Orchid
Black Math
Love Sick
My Doorbell
Hotel Yorba
You're Pretty Good Looking (For A Girl)
Passive Manipulation
Forever For Her (Is Over For Me)
Death Letter/Grinning In Your Face
Let's Shake Hands
The Nurse
Red Rain
The Denial Twist
As Ugly As I Seem
Union Forever
In The Cold, Cold Night
Ball and Biscuit
The Hardest Button To Button
I'm Lonely (But I Ain't That Lonely Yet)
Seven Nation Army
Boll Weevil

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August 26, 2005

Endless adventure

My friend and I took both a bus and a train yesterday to go to the Mall of America. These are three things I never do. When we arrived we were met by a pack of screaming metal heads. It turns out Tommy Lee was there signing autographs. He looked old. We should have hung out a bit to see if any of the ladies in line asked him to sign their boobs, but we ran off in search of crepes. He left right as we were walking past towards the bus stop. We almost got run down by a bunch of secuity guards and kids in black t-shirts with cameras screaming "Tommy! Tommy!"

I don't know that the train was faster than driving, but it was pretty entertaining. We never would have struck up a conversation with a stranger about Mad Cow Disease stuck in rush hour traffic on 35W. In the end, we decided the only safe food to eat is bacon.

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August 2, 2005

Fearless Freaks

This was a really good documentary. I especially liked seeing Wayne run off the stage and over the crowd in what looked like a giant inflatable hamster ball.

I wish Wayne was my neighbor.

Some of the live footage in the film was shot at the New Year's Eve show (Chicago with the White Stripes) I went to. I remember seeing the cameras and wondering what they were filming for. I wasn't close enough to the stage to get in any of the audience shots but it was fun to see anyway.

Fearless Freaks @ IMDB

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July 28, 2005

Mark Mallman 7 Nights

w/ Revolver Modele @ the Hexagon Bar

I thought Mallman was playing with these other bands, but it turns out they are just opening for him. Which meant that I had to stay up past my bedtime again. I swear, my job is turning me into a total square. I'm never going to get used to getting up at 6am. Never.

So today I am cranky. But, it was worth it to hear Mallman explain that he's made 10,000 plush deer toys for Cabela's that sing "hit me with your best shot." It did sound like him singing, but I'm not sure if he was joking about being able to buy one at Cabela's. Regardless, it amused me.

Photo by Mordac.org (more here)

Also amusing at the Hexagon bar last night was this dancing boy. I'm not sure I can describe it with words. Sort of skipping in place, jigging, and walking like an egyptian all at once. He reminded me of Molly Ringwald in The Breakfast Club. Apparently I missed the other dancing guy. I guess he was sort of slick--sunglasses, unbuttoned shirt. Which is too bad because I'm sure I would have enjoyed it. I don't dance you see, so I find people who dance so extremely positively fascinating.

Revolver was ok. They really are quite good, but every time I see them I always feel like they're just pretending to be a band. Maybe I'm just not that into them?

I really am impossible to please lately. Perhaps my blog title is something of a misnomer. Soon I shall have to re-title it "I am a 80 year old shrew trapped in the body of a 29 year old woman, with a tendency to complain about everything."

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May 25, 2005

Rock and Roll Archivist

Guess who just decided she wants to be an archivist at the Minnesota Historical Society?

That's right, me!

Minneapolis Music Collection

FIRST AVENUE & 7TH STREET ENTRY: An Inventory of Its Band Files at the Minnesota Historical Society

Now how much fun would that be to play with? I need to come up with a research project quick.

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May 23, 2005

Did he just rhyme Rock with Iraq?

Electric Six / Seor Smoke

Oooh yeah. All that Electric Six merch I ordered several weeks ago in a fit of passion for Dick Valentine is finally trickling in from overseas. Today my Seor Smoke CD arrived special delivery from Hong Kong. No wonder it took so long. I couldn't resist--I found one for $16 and shipping was free. A small price to pay to not have to wait for that U.S. release anymore. I guess I could have downloaded it, but I'm too lazy. Besides, I'm investing in my future.

Sample lyrics:

You were walking down the street / You were just across the street / So I had to cross the street / To get to your side of the street
(Be My Dark Angel)

If money talks then Im a mime
(Future Is In the Future)

Evil boys eating evil hamburgers / Evil boys eating evil fries
(Rock and Roll Evacuation)

(Taxi to Nowhere)

Pure poetry. I can't wait for my hot pink "Rich and Sexy" t-shirt to arrive from the UK. The lettering is done with silver glitter!

I just asked my magic 8-ball widget if "Be My Dark Angel" is about me. Signs point to yes!

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May 10, 2005

It's a Mad World

aka "The Gossip Column"

Low has cancelled their summer tour due to health problems. Poor Alan. I want to send him a cupcake or something.

When I'm feeling crazy, which is quite often, I like to think of bizzare, happy things from my past. So today's happy place meditation takes us back to Duluth, the DECC, Spring of 1998. Alan, you were there, come along with me...

A darkened theatre... an Anne Murray concert... a dozen old ladies, some with walkers, "rushing" the stage as Anne tosses dethorned, yellow roses at the crowd....

We were both working at the DECC that night. He may not remember me, but hopefully he remembers Anne and she puts a smile on his face. I've probably been to a dozen of his shows since then but never said hi. Now I feel bad. Damn my introversion. Forty or fifty years from now I hope my walker and I will be rushing the stage at a Low show.

I also like to think of when my cat lost her bowels in the hallway late one night and my roommate's boyfriend slipped in it. He must have been moving at quite a clip.... He was sooooo mad, but it was soooo funny. I don't know that this meditation would be of much help to Alan, but potty humor is universally funny, right?

In even stranger news, Renee Zellwegger just ran off and married Kenny Chesney. I shouldn't judge, but ick. I guess this could be my chance to catch Jack on the rebound, but I'm so smitten with Dick Valentine I don't think I'll bother. I'm sure our strange encounter the other day still has him puzzeled. I'm in his subconcious. I grow on people. Come back soon!

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May 4, 2005

Dick Valentine turns me into a thirteen-year-old girl

Electric Six w/ VHS or Beta, April 28th, 2005 @ First Avenue

Last Thursday, during openers VHS or Beta, who sounded like what would happen if Robert Smith from the Cure had joined Flock of Seagulls or Duran Duran in the 80s, I was informed that Tyler Spencer, aka Dick Valentine, from Electric Six was at the upstairs bar. Would this be my moment of truth? The big pay off to my yearlong "teenage celebrity crush?" Would Dick Valentine and I finally be together forever? Nope. I choked. I got up to the bar and kept right on walking. After taking a few more sips of my drink I turned around for a second try but I got back to the bar just in time to see him run off.

Despite my pathetic failure to convince Mr. Spencer to marry me, Electric Six was still very good. They didn't seem quite as enthusiastic as during previous shows I've seen, but it was still a lot of fun. Normally, I'm quite happy to stand at the back of the crowd and watch, but every once in a while I'm taken over and have no choice but to rush the stage. Perhaps Valentine's calisthenics are infectious: Electric Six holds the dubious honor of being the only band to ever get me airborne.

After the show, while I was walking off the cramp I got in my foot during "Dance Commander," Dick Valentine was spotted lingering near the side of the stage. After a quick pep talk from my friends (I was physically dragged) I found myself suddenly face-to-face with "the only man I?ll ever love for now" I bravely thrust my hand forward, said "hi," and then froze in utter terror. Valentine, who wasn't nearly as tall as I thought he was, shook my hand and asked me if I was doing ok. I stared. He looked at my friend and asked if we were having a good night. I stared. After an unbearably long silence, my friend blurted out, "Her name is Shannon and she's in love with you." I whispered "thanks!" and ran away giggling like a thirteen year old girl. Yes, I'm just that smooth. It's just as well, there wouldn't have been room for me in their van anyway. Plus I've heard Valentine mention fish tacos twice now. I don't know if I can really love a man who likes fish tacos. Heroin, maybe. Fish tacos? Yuk.

I swear I'm going to quit with this nonsense soon. Those nearest and dearest to me don?t think I will, but I don't know that this "youthful folly" of my twenties will be as endearing when I'm in my thirties, so I'm going to try my best. But for now, I've got 7 months left to make an ass out of myself. So, here's a picture of my hand the night it touched Dick Valentine.


And I have absolutely washed it. Rock stars are dirty.

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April 1, 2005

Crossed over to the darkside...

I'm several years behind, but I finally broke down Wednesday and bought a cell phone. I feel very weird about it, sort of grown up and ashamed. Hopefully it won't make me rude.

The good and the bad of last week:

Good--Finding Neverland, even though my friend Mary said that a couple of those Davis boys committed suicide later in life. The kid who played Peter was pretty good, which gives me hope for the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie.


Good--Hip Art that's Square @ the Goldstein Gallery. My favorite album cover was "Mambo for Cats." I had no idea there were so many parodies of "Whipped Cream and Other Delights."

Good--Smoking ban. I went to Dusty's last night and there was no smoke to bother my allergies.

Bad--pollenating trees bother my allergies.

Bad--pizza from Manhatten Loft on the East Bank

Good/Bad--Closer for free at Coffman Union. The movie was good, but the film was slightly out of focus and the sound was funny. But it was free.

Good/Bad--"Girlfriend in a Coma" by the Smiths. But it was a bad week to have it stuck in my head. I blame the circus that claims to be the news.

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March 28, 2005

Glad Version / Seymore Saves the Day / Cowboy Curtis

Friday, March 25 @ the 400 Bar

This weekend I was persuaded to try something new and headed to the 400 bar to see the Glad Version / Seymore Saves the Day / Cowboy Curtis. All three bands were pretty good. Now that the Minneapolis smoking ban is mere days away, I should make good on my promise to go out more and start trying new things more often.

Glad Version: had good name.
Seymore Save the Day: it's hard not to compare piano rock to either Elton John or Ben Folds. In this case, I must compare them to Ben Folds. They also reminded me of this song on a mix tape I was sent for Xmas by Atom and His Package.
Cowboy Curtis: more like the Love-cars than Laurence Fishburne.

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March 15, 2005

Calla @ Triple Rock

Saturday, March 12

In theory, I probably could have seen Interpol, Calla and Clem Snide if I had timed things right last Saturday, but I've been bitter since the last time I missed Calla so decided not to risk it.

Rhythmically intense yet spare--I just love Calla. Vocalist Aurelio Valle has that way of singing into the underside of the microphone as if you just stabbed him in the gut. (Think "Oh happy dagger!") He has just enough life left in him to sing you a song about how you ruined everything. And they had pretty guitars too. What more could a girl want for a Saturday night?

I managed to jump the gun and arrived early enough to see The Natural History. They weren't half bad. They reminded me of someone, but I haven't put my finger on who yet. By midnight I felt I'd had enough fun for one night, ducking out before the French Kicks and after the merch booth. (Vice score: merch=I've lost count / shannon=0)

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February 21, 2005

Actually, yes, I am the motherfucker.

Hank III & Assjack @ First Avenue, February 19th, 2005

Things Hank Williams III wants you to know:

  1. He put the dick in dixie and the cunt in country
  2. Pop country music sucks
  3. Kid Rock is no son of Hank
  4. I [as in me, Shannon] am the motherfucker
Maybe I've been at the wrong sort of shows lately--my God, did the audience at Hank III have a good time. I haven't seen that many people dancing and trusting their fists into the air in way too long. I had almost forgotten there was an alternative to standing still and nodding your head while looking cooly aloof. I can't help it, I'm not a excitable person, but when Hank III told me (acutally everyone) "You are the motherfucker!" I believed it.

Which brings me to Assjack. Not nearly as many people went running for the door as the last time I had the pleasure of seeing them. He did say Minneapolis was a particularly diverse crowd. I enjoyed Assjack, especially getting to tell my friend, Scott, "no look see they're coming back and they'll be wearing more black" and "yes, that is Hank, I swear."

So, it was a strange night of dopelgangers and deja vu. The uncanny similarities between Hank III and Hank Sr. melted away with his metamorphosis for Assjack. But, Scott felt strongly that the singer for openers, Hazard County Girls, was the doppelganger to his friend "sweet, Catholic, Elizabeth." I also felt that Hank's bassist, JoeBuck, looked an awful lot like Max Schreck, aka Nosferatu. (Of course maybe I just had monster movies on the mind. I also thought that the last song the Hazard County Girls played sounded like the theme to Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Phantom of the Opera.") AND, by the time we left, Scott and the booze in his belly started to confuse Hank with Jesus. Although, in your typical Christ Figure sense it's really not that far fetched. You got your supernatural origins, your descent into darkness, your rebirth, your quest... But that's Scott's story for another day.

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February 15, 2005

Grammy Awards

Why was Gwen Stefani dressed like a pirate singing "If I Were a Rich Man" from Fiddler on the Roof? I'm still confused.

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February 13, 2005

The Shame of it All...

Low @ First Avenue, February 12
This show was much better than the last at the Triple Rock. The sound was good and they played a few older ones, like "Shame" and "Murderer." It was a shame I didn't get there a little earlier. I walked in just as Low was starting--since when do bands actually start on time? First Avenue was packed and as I entered you could feel the heat from inside pouring out onto the sidewalk. One of the staff people was telling the guy in line ahead of me that they had Savage Aural Hotbed play on the marquee when Hard Rock opened to spoil their patio dining. How did I miss that?

Once inside it took me a good 20-30 minutes to find a place to stand where I could actually see the stage. It is nice now that they took down most of that plexi-glass barrier upstairs. It's been a long time since I've seen so many people in there. It was good to see the place full. Though I'm not sure, considering how many people were in there, what so many others were thinking when they tried to "shush" out the talkers. It only made it twice as hard to hear. Low played a rather long show, about two hours I think. Toward the end Alan asked if anyone would like to share anything from their soul and invited them to shout it out. Someone yelled that it was her first concert and we all applauded. I can't remember what my first concert was. I think my first First Avenue concert was Wilco in 95?

I think I've finally found my vice in the merch booth. I cannot resist. I guess it's not quite as cool as smoking or drinking, but as the Hollis created t-shirt I purchased says, "I don't like cool, I like beautiful." Unfortunately, the shirt fits weird and I'll probably never wear it. I'm sure I'll find something to do with it though. I also got another gig poster.

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January 27, 2005


I've decided that KCMP is pretty good. Nice mix of stuff--I hope they can keep it up without getting repetitive. I have heard "Porchlight" by Neko Case twice now, but that's still 300% better than hearing Jet every 15 minutes on other stations. When I first heard about the new station one of the first things that popped into my head: "ooh they should get Mary Lucia." It's good to have her back on the air.

I don't care for the morning show, however. It seems like typical public radio with the bad puns and bagpipes. The folkified version of "Human Fly" they played this morning made me want to drive my car of a bridge. It was part of their "fly" set I guess. It reminded me of Theme Thursday on Radio K so I changed the station. I feel a little sad for Radio K. I still blame emo for our falling out.

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January 12, 2005


Black-Eyed Snakes @ Uptown Bar
Friday, January 7th

I think I might still have a Chicken Bone George shaped indentation in the upper left quarter of my body. Shortly into Friday's show, Chicken Bone flew off the front of the stage of the Uptown Bar, sending me ricocheting to the right and my friend off to the left. Whether he jumped or fell is still under review. Despite my expectations that Chicken Bone's body would inevitably leave the stage, neither PJ nor I saw him coming so it's hard to say. For being a sold out show, the crowd near the front of the stage really wasn't that dense. But if anyone was going to throw themselves into a thin handful of people without any warning, I guess it would be Chicken Bone George. After he sailed between PJ and myself he landed on someone behind us. I'd be lying if I didn't say I'm glad it wasn't me.

The band stayed on stage for the rest of the show and I stayed on my feet until late in the evening when a pack of thick-necked drunken frat boys (TNDFB) rushed the stage. A couple of girls next to me made a run for it, while I looked on in wide-eyed wonder as a rather large man grabbed one by the neck and tossed him back to the rear of the floor. Moments later TNDFB #2 got into a verbal scuffle with a less-than-amused bystander (LTAB) to the front of me. For a moment, I thought there would be fisticuffs, but when TNDFB #2 was told by LTAB "Don't fucking touch me," he was surprisingly obliging. Which was lucky for me, because there isn't a doubt in my mind that I could not hold my own in a bar room brawl.

Good show. Good times.

Plaster the Town II
Back Alley Gallery, St. Paul
Friday, January 7th

I love gig posters. I think I'm going to have to go back someday when there aren't so many people there. Although I've resisted the purchase of a glittery Dirtbombs poster twice now. I don't know that I could handle a third temptation.

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December 21, 2004

Amusing Rhapsody Genre of the Day

I had no idea there was a musical movement dedicated to cuddly things. Learning of strange things like this is already worth the subscription fee of $2.99 / month. Ironically, I discovered the existence of this genre while listening to The Mountain Goats (categorized as "homemade.") I think I saw the Softies open for Low ("slowcore"), years ago.

Sardonically named for their soft and sweet sounds, Twee Pop and Cuddlecore bands created a pretty, saccharine alternative to the aggressive Punk and macho Indie Rock of the 1990s. Inspired by English bands like the Pastels, the Vaselines and Orange Juice, Twee Popsters created their own feel-good confections. By working the simplicity of Punk without the anger, they created simple, introspective, and playful love songs. This sound emerged from England's Sarah Records with albums by Boyracer, the Field Mice, and Heavenly.

Meanwhile, in the Pacific Northwest and California, Beat Happening paved the way for mostly female Indie bands like Cub, the Softies, and Lois, who created fun and playful pop as a counterpoint to the politicized anger of the Riot Grrrl movement. Rather than addressing feminism, race and sexuality issues, Cuddlecore bands focused on childhood fascinations like fluffy animals, nature, candy, and the kind of love that doesn't go wrong.

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November 29, 2004

Richard's New Video

If Dick Valentine thinks dressing up like Freddy Mercury's ghost will convince me he's gay enough for me to call off the wedding, he's seriously mistaken. Besides, technically the wedding isn't even on as I have yet to catch him.

But soon...

Radio Gaga (windows media)

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November 12, 2004

First Avenue Back!?

AP-MN--First Avenue

Judge gives First Avenue's landlords OK to reopen

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - The First Avenue nightclub could reopen as soon as next weekend.

The downtown Minneapolis club's landlords and former managers -- Steve McClellan and Jack Meyers -- got what they wanted in bankruptcy court this morning, including the club's assets, name and liquor license.

The keys are expected to be handed over this afternoon.

Judge Robert Kressel agreed to the landlords' requests to take over the club pending some minor changes in legal language.

About 130 club employees had been waiting for the ruling.

First Avenue shut down November second after its founder, Allan Fingerhut, filed for Chapter Seven bankruptcy on the company that ran the club.

Two concerts are still on the books for next weekend -- a show by the heavy-metal band GWAR next Friday, followed by a sold-out show by Los Lonely Boys on November 20th.

(Copyright 2004 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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November 8, 2004

Velvet, Rock, Vodka

Why must rock stars wear velvet? Friday, November 5th at the Triple Rock, Mark Mallman and his band wore velvet. Luckily, I was at a bar and had a drink to calm me down. The paper, rock, scissors breakdown of my review is:

Velvet covers Rock(ers)

Vodka soaks Velvet

Rock triumphs due to Vodka

Without my trusty vodka sour I'm not sure what I would have done when Mallman came onto the floor prior to his show to thank people for coming out. I was frozen with terror as he touched my shoulder, narrowly missing me with his jacket. But, had I been sober I may have recoiled in horror, bruised his ego, and ruined the show for everyone.

Incidentally, I looked it up and "fear of certain fabrics" is called textophobia.

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November 3, 2004

R.I.P. Future?

So, as if I wasn't already reeling and ready to vomit over the election results...withstars.jpg

First Avenue closed yesterday in what I see as a personal attack on me by Mr. Fingerhut. What a day to take away my "happy place." I have to assume his intent was malicious.

But seriously, I hope things get worked out and the club doesn't get bulldozed. Downtown doesn't need any more condos. I don't suppose we can get it named a historic landmark? As long as the club reopens I'll be happy, but why take the name? First Avenue and 7th Street Entry can't be anywhere but First Avenue and 7th street. It just doesn't make sense. And frankly, considering the profound emotional attachment people have to the building, I don't know why anyone would try.

Read today's Star Tribune story below.


Bankruptcy closes First Avenue nightclub
Chris Riemenschneider, Star Tribune
November 3, 2004

First Avenue was closed indefinitely and its employees were let go Tuesday after the nightclub's operator filed for bankruptcy.

Allan Fingerhut, the founder of Minneapolis' most legendary music venue, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy on the club at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, two days before his company was supposed to vacate the premises.

Fingerhut was evicted by First Avenue's landlords over unpaid real-estate taxes and rent. Two of those landlords are former managers Steve McClellan and Jack Meyer, who plan to start a new company to run the club.

Exactly how long it will take the two ex-managers to take over was unclear. Fingerhut said he does not plan to give the liquor license necessary to operate the club. New liquor licenses often take two months or more to obtain.

First AvenueCarlos GonzalezStar TribuneFingerhut also does not want to hand over the name of the club, although the name is now part of the assets that are part of the bankruptcy trust.

"First Avenue might pop up again someplace else in the city," Fingerhut said, hinting at the possibility of putting the name over some other music club.

For some of the 120 laid-off employees, the building is what matters most. Some of them gathered at a bar a few blocks from the club to commiserate Tuesday afternoon after Fingerhut gave them their paychecks.

"We were told to cash them -- not deposit them -- as soon as possible," said Sonia Grover, one of the talent bookers.

"Our loyalty is to the club, not whoever owns it," said Grover, who is working on finding new venues for some of the acts booked into the club for the next few months.

None of the concerts now on the club's calendar are likely to go on there. Representatives of other clubs in Minneapolis, including the Fine Line, Quest and 400 Bar, were inundated with calls from booking agents about rescheduling First Avenue shows there.

Storied background

Since 1970, the former bus station at 701 1st Av. N. has played host to live music and dance nights. Bands such as U2 and Nirvana played there on tour, while innumerable local acts got their start there, including the Replacements, Soul Asylum and Prince, who filmed "Purple Rain" there in 1983.

On Monday, one of the club's most famous sons, former Replacements singer Paul Westerberg, expressed disappointment in the ownership battle that has been going on for more than a year.

"It's too bad for [McClellan and Meyer], because they were the guys who supported bands like mine when we still sucked," Westerberg said.

The pair's lawyer said the two former managers, who each own a 10 percent stake in the building, tried to negotiate with Fingerhut to work out a smoother transition so the club would not have to close.

"We made him a very fair offer," attorney Sean Shiff said. "For all we know, [Fingerhut] had bankruptcy plans at the back of his mind all along but he was just trying to see what he could get."

LeeAnn Weimar, a publicist hired by McClellan and Meyer and a former First Avenue staffer, sent out a press release alleging that Fingerhut is trying to undo the club's legacy.

Fingerhut and his lawyer told a different story. They said he had to put his company, the Committee, Inc., in bankruptcy proceedings because of a separate lawsuit that McClellan and Meyer filed against Fingerhut over the termination of their contracts as managers.

"It just got to be too much, one lawsuit after another," said Gregory Weyandt, Fingerhut's attorney.

Weyandt suggested that one goal of First Avenue's landlords could be to sell off the building, which sits across from Block E and Target Center.

The building's primary owner is Fingerhut's longtime accountant, Byron Frank, whom Fingerhut sued last year over contract disputes. He owns 60 percent of the property. McClellan and Meyer each have a 10 percent stake, and another 20 percent belongs to a trust fund set up by Fingerhut, based on a purchase of the building in 2000.

"They're good businessmen, and knocking the place down would probably be smart business," Weyandt said.

Frank, McClellan and their representatives have repeatedly denied such claims and pledged their allegiance to the club. McClellan is seen by musicians and other outsiders as being especially dedicated to the music there.

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is essentially a liquidation of a company's assets with the intention of ending the company, as opposed to a Chapter 11 filing, which is meant to keep businesses going.

McClellan and Meyer now must negotiate with a bankruptcy trustee to obtain the club's equipment, and possibly its name. They have already begun application for a liquor license.

"Their main concern now is getting the club up and running and having those employees back at work as soon as possible," Weimar said on behalf of McClellan and Meyer.

Arrangements were being made to move shows to other venues. A performance by Jonathan Richman and Robyn Hitchcock will show tonight at the Cedar Cultural Center, and the Matthew Sweet show scheduled for Friday at First Avenue has now moved to the Cabooze bar. Tentatively, Thursday's gig with Jon Spencer's Blues Explosion will move to the 400 Bar, and Saturday's show with Le Tigre will move to the Ascot Room. Tickets would likely be honored at each venue.

Other concert updates will appear on www.startribune.com/music and in Friday's Variety FreeTime section.

Chris Riemenschneider is at chrisr@startribune.com.

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October 27, 2004

My mind is filled with silvery stuff, Honey kisses clouds of fluff

Wilco last night was amazing. Tweedy did a John Edwards impersonation (he spoke briefly at a rally earlier in the day during which Edwards apparently "taught" him how to take off his suit coat, throw it aside and push up his sleaves with flair.)

I almost made it past the merch booth, but I cracked on the way out. It's all good though. I'm certain I'll cherish my gig poster far longer than the food I was was supposed to buy with the money... I have a sickness.

Not that the show alone wasn't worth the $40, but there were quite a few "celebrities" at the show last night, which is always fun. Alan Sparhawk & Gary Louris were both spotted but not accosted by yours truly. Scott saw Ed Ackerson there as well.

wilco.jpg Set list:
Poor Places
At Least That's What You Said
Muzzle of Bees
Hell Is Chrome
I Am Trying To Break Your Heart
I'm Always In Love
Handshake Drugs
Shot In The Arm
Radio Cure
War On War
Jesus, etc.
I'm The Man Who Loves You
Less Than You Think->

A Magazine Called Sunset
Late Greats
King Pin
I'm A Wheel

Encore 2:
Heavy Metal Drummer
California Stars
Be Not So Fearful

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October 19, 2004

Jandek Live

Apparently Jandek was feeling the rush of Rocktober as well. He reportedly played live at the Instal.04 festival in Scotland two days ago. Full details. I've know about Jandek for less than a year, and most of my knowledge comes from the documentary I saw a few weeks ago. I'm sure some of the long-time followers would dispute this, but it's a little sad for me to think that someone who kept up this secretive ruse for 26 years would suddenly perform live. I guess he's earned it though.

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October 13, 2004

Photos from Marathon 2


more photos

Most of them were blurry, I guess I was laughing too hard to hold the camera steady, but I got a few ok ones. I used 35mm black and white 1600 iso film with no flash.

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October 11, 2004

And Again ... Rocktober Fest

Friday night:
Low at the Triple Rock. I had a drink. I stood near the stage. Inevitably I had to go to the ladies room. No journey has been more arduous since I fled the Shins at the 400 bar last year. It was packed. Super packed. The show was very good--they played all new songs until the encore. This new rockin' Low is great, however, I thought Alan's guitar was a little too loud. It would have been nice to hear Mimi and Zak as well. I've grown rather fond of the songs I believe to be called "Everybody's Song" and "When I Go Deaf."

Mark Mallman CD release party at First Avenue. I'm 100% behind this vaudeville revival that's been going on, but I have to admit I started to get a little bored during the Le Cirque Rouge burlesque dancers that opened. I thought the 3D stiptease was fun and a few of the singers were very good. They were selling souvenir pasties at the merch booth I guess. Sadly, I am broker than broke or I would have bought a pair just because I thought it was clever. Didn't get to buy the new Mr. Serious CD either. But soon. Mallman was entertaining as always. He's very curious. And he always seems to be walking somewhere really fast. He made out with one of the dancing girls during "Life Between Heartbeats." I have no witness, but I imagine my eyes got pretty wide. The girl standing next to me was horrified, yelling at her date "what the fuck is he thinking" and "his MOM is here." Such a whore, that Mallman.

After Mallman, I headed over to the Turf Club to meet PJ for Lonesome Dan. He's picked up a few dancing girls too. It's nice to see that he has "groupies" more energetic than PJ and I. I still have to buy the new Crush Collision Trio CD too. I'm gonna have to get another job.

I decided to give up Coca-Cola. Again. And I helped Chris and Lisa paint their nursery. Tried to help name the baby by suggesting that they don't use "Blair." I also suggested Otto, after the bus driver on the Simpsons. They seemed to not hate it, but the baby is still unnamed. Nasty cafeine withdrawl head ache. Going to die. I skipped the Sound Unseen closing event to watch "House Hunters" on HGTV. Ten "movies" and 5 concerts in 9 days is landmark, but it was nice to have the old me back again.

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October 8, 2004

One more time... Rocktober Fest


The American Astronaut: This is one of them most insanely absurd things I've seen in a long time. This could be my favorite film from the whole festival. It was beautiful--shot in this film noir black and white. I guess it's sort of a project of this band--the Billy Nayer Show. The soundtrack was insane as well (one song is called "The Girl with the Vagina Made of Glass.")

Come Feel Me Tremble: This Paul Westerberg documentary could have been better described as tour footage. There really wasn't much to be learned from it, but if you are into watching shaky film of a solo Westerberg on electric guitar you'd probably enjoy it.

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October 6, 2004

Please forgive me for saying Rocktober Fest

So, Rocktober Fest begins... toilets.jpg

So far this month I have seen Josh Ritter / Sarah Harmer, the Dirtbombs / Ponys and plunged headfirst into the Sound Unseen music and movie festival. Movies enjoyed include Low in Europe, You Think You Really Know Me? The Gary Wilson Story, Jandek on Corwood, Privlege,and the Howling Wolf Story. I also attended the Chuck Statler retrospective and saw Mark Hosler of Negativeland speak.

Tonight I hope to see the films Screaming Men and American Astronaught. Thursday wraps up the festival for me with the Paul Westerberg documentary.

Then Friday I see Low at the Triple Rock with Kid Dakota, and on Saturday I hope to go to the Mark Mallman CD release party.

Sunday I collapse from exhaustion.

For full, half-assed reviews of all events, see link below!


Josh Harmer / Sarah Ritter: Sarah was lovely, had a beautiful voice, and a cool dress. For most of the performance I wanted to punch her in the face. Jealousy isn't pretty. Her songs were a bit sentimental for me though. Still for someone I had never heard of I was pleasantly surprised. There were two ladies at the show in really ugly ponchos. I overheard several people appalled that she was opening for Josh Ritter--they thought she should have been headlining. I don't think it was opening as much as just touring together. Josh ritter was a twitchy skinny fellow with a beard. He explained that he had gotten a cold in Madison and was loopy on cold medicine. Hmmmm.... I remember how crazy I got the last time I took Nyquil, so I'll just give him the benefit of the doubt. It was a good show. There were these two other girls in long skirts who kept spinning around like they thought they were Stevie Nicks. A poncho approached them towards the end of the evening and told them they were goddesses. At the end of Kathleen we were treated to a new line: "I drove you home. Over the river. Through the woods. We stopped at Denny's. It tasted Good." It was a very odd evening.

Low in Europe: this was so much better than the last Low documentary. The sound was good, the film was beautiful. They came off as rather serious, but that's not necessarily bad. There were a few moments when their sense of humor came through. In one scene they ended up at a radio station interview at the same time as the band Napalm Death. Also, Zak said of Hollis that it was nice to have someone in the band who wasn't an adult.

You Think You Really Know Me?: What happens when you are ahead of your time? Sometimes you end up working the late shift at a porno shop until a couple to record company geeks track you down and try to revive your career. I enjoyed this film.

The Dirtbombs / The Pony's: The Pony's were Ok. The Dirtbombs kicked my ass. Damn. Two drummers! Two bassists! One enormous Mick Collins scissor kicking his way to glory. Apparently at the Detroit show Jack White smeared peanut butter on Ben Blackwell's chest and licked it off. I'm not sure what to make of that. It's odd, but when you remember that Jack is Ben's uncle... well that's just ... Nothing that titilating happened on Saturday.

Jandek on Corwood: Very mysterious! The music made me want to sleep, but the film was pretty entertaining considering noone has any idea who he is, let alone footage of him. I don't think I could listen to the guy's music, but the fact that his myth is so developed is really fascinating.

Privlege: This was a movie about how "the man" uses pop culture to control the youth. It was still pretty relevant, sadly, to modern times. It would have frightened me more if I thought for a minute Dick Valentine could convince me to conform and go back to church. Of course he's Dick and I'm me. Toby Keith frightens me now even more than he used to.

Chuck Statler: local guy--music video pioneer. Directed videos for Devo and Elvis Costello. There were a few really bad 80s gems in there. I finally understand the video for the Wipeouters that was on last year's Minnesota Spectrum DVD.

The Howling Wolf Story: I like the sound of Wolf's voice.

Negativeland: This presentation was really interesting. Mark Hosler talked about the U2 lawsuit, of course, but also the media hoax in which Negativeland claimed that they were forced to cancel their tour after their song "Christianity is Stupid" was blamed for an actual quadruple homicide ax murder in Rochester, Minnesota. It was completely untrue and kind of fucked up, but at the same time the way they played the media was brilliant. I enjoy anyone who can pull off a good hoax and/or take things out of context to make the "truth" anything they want it too. Unless of course you are in a political office...

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September 16, 2004

Shower First, Sleep after

So, I have my answer for Scott vs. Shannon in the "did Mallman take a shower first, or did he sleep first" debate. From Passion of the Mallman--City Pages

10:50 Backstage, I ask Mallman what he's going to do now. "Take a shower," he says. "Maybe watch A Clockwork Orange and fall asleep."

I win.

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September 8, 2004

Marathon 2

So I'm pleased / embarrassed to announce that I spent almost the entire Labor Day weekend at the Turf club watching Mark Mallman try to sing a 52.4 hour song. He did it--see review at "How was the show?" I am now filled with inspiration having watched this triumph of the human spirit. And of course since no stupid act goes unnoticed by me, I am also filled with love (shh don't tell Dick) for Mr. Serious. I think next year I'll invite Mark to be my date for Prom in da Hood.

Look how happy we'll be:


I can't wait.

I took a few real photos from Marathon 2 at the half-way point Sunday evening. I'll post them if they turn out.

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