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Week 1

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I can't believe that I was sick (like food poisoning) for our first day of class, but I was. I'd like to try to recap little things that we do in class each day so that I have a record of when to cover what and how.

Week 1, Day 1: Introductions - names (discuss why it's important to know people's names in a leadership class rather than biology class?); conversation about the way the class is organized; experiential; syllabus, Moodle, eReserve, have them take name tents home to make a name tent for the next day with alliterative alias (Kick-ass Katie), leadership symbol (rolodex), one word about something that you value, and strengths on the back, in themes if possible.

Week 1, Day 2: Who are we missing and who's new; (talk more about why we do that,) introduce alliterative aliases and play the name game all around the room; address syllabus questions: what's expected for reading notes & reflection notes, overview of schedule; discussion about attendance policy; pop quiz: when are reading notes due?

Getting started

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Through this blog, I hope to keep notes on my experiences teaching in the Leadership Minor, so that I can go back and improve on teaching in future years, remember what we did and how we did it, and also have some substantive responses when the LM asks me for feedback!

I'm excited to learn to teach in this new way. It occurs to me that LeaderShape is much more about delivering curriculum and developing my own personal stories to bring the curriculum to life. So far, in the LM I feel like the articles tell the stories of the concepts and our task is to create an environment where students can really experience, feel, taste, and smell what it's like to lead people and to realize their struggles. That being said, the LM style of teaching is new to me and I'm trying to hold myself back from just giving students the answers or worrying about covering content too quickly. I'm excited to have Brian at my side so I can learn from his experience and energy.

The co-instructor piece is also something I'm worried about, just because it takes so much extra work to discuss what happened in each class, what will happen in upcoming weeks, making sure we have consistent grading and responses to classroom management issues. All of this is a new experience for me, so I'm trying to make myself available to do the work (grading, attendance, Moodle) although I sometimes don't feel like I know what's going on. Thank heaven that I have a co-instructor whom I can be honest with and enjoy spending time with!

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